Sudelac Fuelox Fuel Treatment

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A unique treatment that reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency in liquid fuel combustion engines

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April 11 2024

Sudelac Fuelox Fuel Treatment is a unique liquid fuel treatment that is effective in diesel, petrol and other middle distillate fuel oil combustion engines to reduce harmful emissions, improve fuel efficiency and all at a lower cost than the fuel value it saves. Reportable emissions are reduced based on the fuel efficiency saving but the physical emissions of the fuel that is combusted are also lowered. Fuelox contains a unique combustion catalyst, a stabiliser, a dispersant, a lubricant, a biostatic agent and a metal deactivator. The catalyst causes a more complete combustion of the fuel which in turn causes lower green-house gas and other harmful polluting emissions from exhausts. Combustion begins at a lower temperature and lasts longer due to the treatment. Fuelox also protects from scale build-up, acts as a lubricant, stabilises the fuel, disperses sludge, prevents corrosion, prevents microbial growth and demulsifies. Fuel remains stable for longer in storage. Fuelox is added at 1 to 10,000, so only 500ml of treatment is required for 5000 litres of fuel. No modifications or changes are required to be made to any combustion engines regardless of age or specification or nature of emissions suppressions systems fitted to the engine.

Fuelox has treated over 1 billion litres of fuel and been used in over 50,000 combustion engines without incident.

Pros & Limitations
Reduces CO2 emissions up to 20%
Lowers fuel consumption 5-10%
Reduces Particulate Matter/Soot by up to 70%
Reduces NOx by up to 10%
Reduces NO, H2S and SO2
Reduction in DEF usage and DPF regenerations
Stabilises fuel for up to 2 years
Reduces maintenance costs and break-down frequency of engines
No modifications to engines required regardless of emissions suppression systems fitted
Must be added to fuel in advance of usage
Specification Title Specification Description
Supply Volumes
Supplied in 500ml bottle to 208 litre drum
Treatment Ratio to Fuel
1 to 10,000 by volume of Fuel
Shelf Life
5 years

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A UK headquartered upstream oil and gas service sector business providing products and services for well construction through to abandonment. Sudelac was founded in 2010.

The company offers a number of services on a consultative basis and can assist or fully manage new product development, early commercialisation/ product growth, as well as Equipment Assurance Services (Third Party Inspection and Failure Investigation). In addition the company offers surplus oil-field equipment brokerage services to help connect sellers to buyers on a commissioned basis.

Providing Fuel Additives and Eco-Friendly Lubricants that Reduce Emissions, Increase Efficiency and Lower Operating-Maintenance Costs.

In response to the drive to reduce the impact of combustion engine emissions and to improve fuel efficency as we move towards net-zero and the energy transition we have established a relationship that allows us to offer products to help achieve this.


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