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A secure, fully auditable and verifiable solution for the end-to-end management of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from complex sources

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February 22 2024


The Energy Transition Databox has been developed by the engineering and technology partnership between Vysus Group and Siccar to help you address the increasing complexities associated with the quantification, reporting and management of greenhouse gas emissions.


The Energy Transition Databox is offered as an enabled software technology service to clients in the energy sector, and hard to decarbonise industries which are challenged with:

  • Ever tighter regulations and a license to operate;
  • Demonstrating sustainable credentials to investors in order to access capital;
  • Mitigating risk associated with climate change and impacts on insurance premiums;
  • Maintaining reputation where perception can have a material effect on share price, access to market and investor confidence;
  • Achieving incremental improvements to reduce carbon intensity from operations; and
  • Driving step change emissions reduction via CCUS, hydrogen and trading of energy carrier molecules.

The Energy Transition Databox software technology enabled service is designed to help our clients make the transition from the reporting of  basic Scope 1 and 2 emissions to reporting on the more complex array of Scope 3 emissions, particularly for organisations and subsidiaries with majority control or majority ownership of operations across the entire lifecycle of a product, service or asset.

More broadly, it is intended that the Energy Transition Databox shall provide an assured and secure foundation for the trading of carbon associated with CCUS and hydrogen production and the verifiable reporting of emissions associated with traded commodities such as crude oil, LNG and biofuels.


The Energy Transition Databox from Vysus Group and SICCAR combines world-class engineering expertise and tamperproof technology to ensure the acquisition, reporting and analysis of data used by our clients to make key decisions and justifications is fully traceable, verifiable and secure.

  • Our Databox technology builds on decades of engineering and environmental management consulting which includes the verification of GHG emissions regulated under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), experience as EMS verifiers to the energy industry and as an AA1000 licensed Assurance Provider for ESG reports and disclosures.
  • Plugging in Siccar’s distributed ledger technology enables you and approved third parties to feed in encrypted end-to-end emissions data as tamperproof transactions, creating a single source of truth and a verifiable chain of custody. Data can be shared safely, with enforced security by design.
  • Importantly, we can offer our clients an end-to-end wrap around system covering data acquisition from sample / monitoring point, emission factors, conversion factors and equations through to reporting, analysis and optimisation.
  • Where clients have a preferred ERP system, dashboard or AI solution, we can configure the Energy Transition Databox to support your data stack to ensure the data used in your reporting, modelling and optimisation is reliable, secure, and free of material error.


Pros & Limitations
Minimal lead time to deployment as the Databox has been developed by industry experts to meet the specific needs of the energy sector
The Databox is intended to be compatible with regulations, permits, licenses and consents within the UK, Norway, EU and internationally
The Databox is intended to facilitate compliance with Stewardship requirements for emissions management and reporting
The levels of assurance and security built into the technology makes Databox and ideal platform for ESG reporting and disclosure
Unlike spreadsheet based calculators, Databox's superior Microsoft Azure architecture can handle vast quantities of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from live sources, supply chain and subsidiary companies
Databox can be applied, as a standalone service or integrated with existing software packs including ERP, AI and data visualisation dashboards
Databox is supported by a team of environmental technical experts with decades of experience in emissions management, verification and as AA1000 license assurance providers
The Databox service is supported by a team of IT and software experts with Microsoft Partner Accreditation and Cyber Essentials certification.
Databox can add value to all stages of the asset or project life cycle through concept, design, build, install, operation, late life and decommissioning
Databox is particularly suited to addressing specific requirements associated with EU ETS/UK ETS, SECR, CBAM and related schemes which require secure and reliable data free of material error, or omission
AI software and visualisation dashboards used in the absence of reliable data should be used alongside the Databox to ensure data integrity, security, reliability and availability.
Specification Title Specification Description
ISO 14064
Compliant with the ISO 14064 suite of standards for the quantification, reporting and verification of GHG emissions to comply with EU ETS, UK ETS, SECR, CBAM and similar schemes
ISO 50001
Compliant with the ISO 50001 suite of EnMS, Energy Management standards
ISO 14001
Compatible with the ISO 14001 and OSPAR EMS suite of standards and expectations
NSTA Technology Stewardship Expectations
Supports operators with NSTA Technology Stewardship expectations
ESG disclosure and reporting
Supports operators meet ESG reporting and disclosure obligations including SECR, SASB, GRI, TCFD and Science based sustainability reporting
Cyber Essentials
Support clients with data security
Compatible with the IOGP and API suite of guidance documents
BAT and BPEO specifications
Facilitates BAT / BPEO justification
NORSOK S003 Environmental Care
Compatible with NORSOK S003 standard, environmental budget
Cyber essentials
Cyber essentials compliant

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Driven by its purpose to help clients manage risk and maximise performance, Vysus Group blends deep technical knowledge and data-driven insights with hands-on expertise. Working on complex and large-scale energy projects around the world, Vysus Group is one of the leading engineering consultancy partners of choice.

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