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A digitised HAZOP that is always up-to-date, reduces risk and cost and improves speed and quality

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August 4 2023

By harnessing the power of explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) software and the process safety skills of our human experts, we have created a HAZOP solution that digitises the entire process.

Less time – more efficiency – less risk 

By using Kairos’ XAI-driven functional digital twin, our digital HAZOP reduces the time spent on HAZOP workshops, decreasing blind spots and increasing the overall quality by using the intelligent technology – with less support required from design, operational and safety experts.

Key features

  • All guide words automatically covered
  • Process library with FMEA
  • Tree view shows failure (initiating event) propagation to consequence
  • P&ID view shows cause, deviations and consequence safeguards
  • Analysis spans multiple systems - not just single nodes
  • Enables plant wide HAZOP, re-HAZOP and modifications (MOC HAZOP)
  • Toolbox for optimised design regarding number of sensors, actuators and safeguards
  • HAZOP functional modes fully compatible with Control Room Assistant


  • Regularly updated HAZOP documentation
  • Leverages learnings from incidents
  • Increases quality of HAZOP
  • Reduces time to re-HAZOP
  • Less dependence on availability of experts
  • Reduces blind spots
  • Complete coverage of failure modes (FMEA)
  • Operability covered with verification, mitigation and prevention tasks
  • Includes alarm and trip coverage


Model-based HAZOP with documented, consistent, improved quality.
Saves time (and cost) spent in HAZOP workshops by the team.
HAZOP always updated - re-HAZOP automated.
Improved support for operability - reduced emissions and improved production.
Experience can be transferred to new energy systems and CCUS.
Need to build a model based on standard library with built-in FMECA.


Areas of application Any processes that have the potential to release hazardous energy or substances.
Core technology Explainable AI based on qualitative physics with propagation analysis.
Platform Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service).
HAZOP analyser Examines failures and associated safeguards and mitigations to identify potential blind spots.
Tree view Visualise how a failure leads to consequences or explore potential root causes behind a consequence.
Sensor coverage Chart the effectiveness of instrumentation in identifying root causes for an optimised level of instrument deployment.
Sensor precision Discover the sensors' proficiency in differentiating root causes effectively.
P&ID view Visualise the causal relations between failures, consequences and related sensors overlaid on a P&ID diagram.

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