Rapid Terrain Mapping from Satellite Remote Sensing

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Global, Rapid, & High Precision Terrain Mapping from Satellite Remote Sensing

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December 11 2023

Very precise and high-resolution topographic elevation gridded data derived from remote sensing stereo satellite imagery by leveraging Terrabotics’ proprietary, best-in-class, photogrammetric sub-pixel stereo mapping engine. Delivering the highest possible vertical precision and accuracy achievable from remote sensing survey methods. These services typically include Digital elevation surface and terrain models (i.e. DSM and DTM) and map-corrected ortho-rectified satellite imagery as standard.

For the speed, cost, wide-area coverage, and safety benefits, satellite remote sensing mapping cannot be rivalled.

Rapidly, efficiently, and safely plan onshore land activities anywhere in the world:

  • Cut and fill for well pad planning
  • Routing for pipelines.
  • Site selection for facilities. 
  • Flood risk modelling
  • Landslide / landslip risk modelling
  • Earthworks monitoring
  • Encroachment monitoring



Perfect for low cost, rapid, and safe reconnoissance and scouting
Rapid: 10 x Faster data collection, processing, analysis, and delivery than ground survey or drones.
Low-Cost: Less than the price of flights and people deployment to anywhere in the world.
High Density Point Mapping: >1 billion, 1m x 1m, terrain elevation points mapped instantly. Far more dense than
Remote & Safe: No HSE exposure on the ground. Remote Sensing satellites require no onsite presence.
Wide-area coverage versus Drones: 25 sq.km - 100,000 sq.km. Far greater than drones/uav/uas and ground survey per $
No Permits Required: no access permits required, map and survey anywhere in the world.
Global: See and map anywhere with satellite image based 3D mapping.
Lower horizontal and vertical accuracy versus traditional differential GPS ground survey methods.


Elevation Grid Spacing & Resolutions 60cm - 1m
Elevation Accuracies 0.15cm - 0.75cm vertical
Rapid Turnaround 48 hrs to 15 days

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Terrabotics is a full-service Earth Observation, Remote Sensing, and Geospatial data analytics company exclusively dedicated to developing and deploying solutions for the Natural Resources sectors.

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