EmissionsAnalyst™: Satellite Remote Methane Monitoring & Measurement Survey-as-a-Service

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Global, independent, and routine large methane emitter detection, measurement, and monitoring from space

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April 16 2024

Earth Observation Satellite-based methane gas sensing and data analytics for detecting, mapping, monitoring and measuring fugitive and routine methane emission events. 

Achieve rapid, routine, and wide-area coverage from the vantage point of Space - satellite remote sensing satellites coupled with the right data analytics can help detect large methane emission events around the world in an independent and objective manner, requiring no on the ground presence. 

Perfect for identifying local and global fugitive super emitters. 

Perfect for routine site and asset monitoring, at low cost, with no HSE exposure, for emission reporting assurance and reconciliation. 

The development of EmissionsAnalyst is a product and service co-funded by European Space Agency as part of the Energy SCOUT programme led by Terrabotics: https://business.esa.int/projects/energy-scout.

EmissionsAnalyst is currently undergoing commercial trials with a number of international oil & gas companies, including North Sea UKCS operators. Contact us at Terrabotics with the details of your site locations of interest to either join one of our pilots or enjoy a commercial deployment to provide emissions assurance. 

Pros & Limitations
Remote, Safe, and Hands-Off Surveying from Space
Independent detection, measurement, & monitoring to compare to traditional survey or metering methods.
Global, go-anywhere approach, no access restrictions for satellite observations.
Complements terrestrial and aerial sensing surveys due to routine, low cost, revisits and wide-area coverage per visit.
Easy Monthly Data and Insights Feed
Asset level: Identify site/asset/facility level major emission events and sources
Lower accuracy and precision than close-up terrestrial or low altitude aerial sensing methods.
Specification Title Specification Description
Regular Update Frequency
Weekly to Monthly, 52 to 12 updates per year, as desired.
Regular "Insight" Reports
Monthly updates
Large Emission Anomaly Event Alerts
E-mail & SMS Alerts
Basic Tier $ : Methane Flux Detection Limit
>= 1000 kg/hr methane emission/plume/leak rate measurement limit
Premium Advanced Tier $$ : Methane Flux Detection Limit
>= 90 kg/hr methane emission/plume/leak rate measurement limit. Higher precisions coming in 2024!
Methane Concentrations
Methane Flux/Flow Rates
Methane Data Fusion Service
Advanced & intelligent fusion data analytics to blend terrestrial, aerial, and satellite methane sensor data for the complete picture.


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