Laser Scanning and Data Management

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Rapid and efficient digitisation

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August 4 2023

Our technologies provide comprehensive solutions for the complete as-built digitisation of asset-heavy industries. Our focus is on accelerating the digitisation process of critical infrastructure, laying the foundation for an effective digital technology strategy. By leveraging big data, we enable the transformation of digital operations, optimising efficiency, and performance.

With our advanced rapid data collection technology, we can efficiently capture and process large volumes of data, facilitating the digitisation of even the largest and most complex assets. Our team at GDi has developed a cutting-edge survey workflow, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection and digitisation that is over 5x faster than traditional survey techniques. We utilise market-leading point cloud software which allows processing large amount of data in short period of time, delivering highest quality product, satisfying clients both onshore and offshore.

At the core of our success is our strong base of highly experienced Engineering Surveyors. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge play a pivotal role in driving successful as-built digitisation projects, guaranteeing precision and quality throughout the process.


Reduced human exposure at the workface / in dangerous environments
Reduced costs for survey trips and subsequent mobilisations to site
Reduced carbon footprint associated with less travel for site surveys
Quicker data processing, reduced times for model creation
Highly accurate data set
Highly accurate +/- 1 mm
Engineering/fabrication data
No dedicated software requirements
Difficult to access or restricted areas can require additional surveys


Industry application Oil & Gas, Water, Nuclear, Refineries, Utilities, Construction
GDi Capabilities On/Offshore Survey, As-Build Modelling, Piping and Structural Engineering, Digital Twin, Visual Inspection, Condition Assessment
Certification ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 17020, UVDB - Verify (Achilles), SEQual, and Cyber Essentials

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Global Design Innovation Ltd (GDi) is a technology and engineering services provider established in 2016, specialising in providing innovative solutions for asset-intensive industries such as oil & gas, utilities, and power generation. The company's core offering, Vision, is an integrated, agile, and cloud-based asset management solution that enables asset owners to digitalise their processes and assets, creating greater operational efficiency.

Vision is built on a foundation of cutting-edge technologies such as laser scanning, machine learning, and AI, which enables the company to capitalise on the growing trend of digitalisation in asset-intensive industries. The platform's capabilities include advanced 3D modelling, digital twin creation, and asset management, which allows asset owners to streamline their operations, optimise performance, and improve overall asset lifecycle management.

The platform's advanced analytics and reporting features also allow asset owners to gain real-time insights into the performance of their assets, enabling them to make more informed decisions and improve their overall efficiency. The platform is highly scalable and customisable, which allows it to adapt to the specific needs of asset owners in different industries.

GDi's impressive customer base comprises of large, global operators and service companies, which has resulted in its solutions being deployed worldwide in several countries, including Australia and the Middle East. The company's focus on assisting asset owners in modernising and digitally transforming their processes in the creation and management of digital twins has established GDi as a leader in the asset management technology industry.

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