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February 22 2024

Advanced Modeller offers innovative design tools for rapid point cloud transformation into highly accurate 3D models. Pioneering technology that utilises computer vision and allows for efficient and seamless creation of CAD models.

Advanced Modeller responds to industry-specific needs for effortless modelling of components and piping systems from laser scan data delivering on most precise outcome with millimetre accuracy. After enabling the tool, highly sophisticated algorithms generate 3D model through automated process with minimum user input.

By integrating seamlessly as a plug-in for Plant 3D and AutoCAD, Advanced Modeller is leveraging the capabilities of these robust 2D and 3D engineering software packages, positioning itself as a truly unique offering among competitors.

Unlike other solutions available on the market, the Advanced Modeller plug-in sets itself apart by focusing exclusively on delivering unmatched speed and precision in converting data into models. Our primary objective is to deliver the finest point cloud modelling tool currently available.

Pros & Limitations
Cost reduction compared to traditional methods
Higher quality output, reduced human error
Quicker and more accurate design workflows
Only available currently for AutoCAD and Plant 3D
Currently algorithms are optimised for identifying pipes and pipe systems
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of application
Oil and Gas, Utilities, Water, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Work Planning, Shutdown, Maintenance, Decommissioning, Engineering and Design
The plugin capabilities include Pipe Builder, Tie-In Point Fit, Tie-In Point Tweak and Point Cloud Cropping
Usability / Training requirements
Simple and intuitive system. Plant 3D or AutoCAD required
ROI within one month


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Global Design Innovation Ltd (GDi) is a technology and engineering services provider established in 2016, specialising in providing innovative solutions for asset-intensive industries such as oil & gas, utilities, and power generation. The company's core offering, Vision, is an integrated, agile, and cloud-based asset management solution that enables asset owners to digitalise their processes and assets, creating greater operational efficiency.

Vision is built on a foundation of cutting-edge technologies such as laser scanning, machine learning, and AI, which enables the company to capitalise on the growing trend of digitalisation in asset-intensive industries. The platform's capabilities include advanced 3D modelling, digital twin creation, and asset management, which allows asset owners to streamline their operations, optimise performance, and improve overall asset lifecycle management.

The platform's advanced analytics and reporting features also allow asset owners to gain real-time insights into the performance of their assets, enabling them to make more informed decisions and improve their overall efficiency. The platform is highly scalable and customisable, which allows it to adapt to the specific needs of asset owners in different industries.

GDi's impressive customer base comprises of large, global operators and service companies, which has resulted in its solutions being deployed worldwide in several countries, including Australia and the Middle East. The company's focus on assisting asset owners in modernising and digitally transforming their processes in the creation and management of digital twins has established GDi as a leader in the asset management technology industry.

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