The Deep Water Cleaning System (DWCS)

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The ultimate remediation cleaning system for subsea pipelines, manifold and trees.

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April 16 2024

Pipetech have developed the ultimate remediation cleaning system for subsea pipelines, manifold and trees. The Deep Water Cleaning System (DWCS) is a compact technology, one that will set an entirely new global standard for subsea cleaning operations.

The DWCS comprises a range of topside and subsea equipment to remediate subsea scale, wax and other foulant removal. This high pressure water supply from topside is routed via a high-pressure downline to the DWCS and out through a specialised nozzle at the end of a feeder hose. A subsea guide frame can be used if required to locate the DWCS on a manifold or it can simply sit on the sea bed deployable from any vessel.

Pros & Limitations
Increased production of oil & gas
Blockage removal
Increased process flow efficiency
Currently set up for 30m travel (can be engineered for greater distance)
Specification Title Specification Description
The DWCS frame is designed according to DNV 2.7-3, TR1231 and DNV-RP-H103.
Water Depth
Sea depth: 500m with topside High Pressure water supply (Optional up to 2500m)
Sea State
Can be operated in up to 4m wave heights


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Pipetech is an independent process system cleaning specialist with bases in Aberdeen, Stavanger and Norwich serving major oil operators and service companies primarily in the UK and Scandinavia. Formed in 2001 Pipetech was acquired in 2014 and forms part of the Ramco Tubulars Group with Aberdeen being the Headquarters.

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