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Unleash the value of your subsurface knowledge

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April 11 2024

Harness Subsurface Knowledge with Curate

Curate is a state-of-the-art subsurface knowledge management solution designed specifically for subsurface teams. Its user-friendly apps empower teams to make rapid, informed decisions, while offering flexible deployment options such as Private Cloud and On-premises. With immediate support for all subsurface data, users can access relevant information without delay, unlocking the untapped potential of their subsurface knowledge. 

Make Data an Asset

Curate transforms data into a valuable asset by promoting knowledge access across all subsurface disciplines. By breaking down data silos and enabling seamless collaboration, Curate's collaborative platform boosts productivity and efficiency. It provides a centralized hub for subsurface data, allowing teams to quickly access critical information. This transformation of data into a valuable asset empowers organizations to maximize the value of their subsurface knowledge and make well-informed decisions. 

Maximize Efficiency

Curate maximizes efficiency by implementing collaborative and scalable workflows. It streamlines the gathering of relevant information, enabling rapid prospect de-risking. By automating data gathering processes, Curate eliminates manual efforts and reduces the time required for analysing subsurface data. This streamlined approach enables subsurface teams to focus on strategic decision-making and exploration activities. Organizations can achieve significant time savings and accelerate their workflows, resulting in improved operational efficiency. 

Uncover Knowledge Insights

Curate uncovers valuable insights hidden within subsurface data. With seamless integration with existing data platforms like OSDU, Curate aligns with corporate strategies for IT and data enablement. This compatibility allows organizations to leverage their data ecosystem and harness advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. By uncovering trends, patterns, and correlations within the data, Curate's powerful data analysis capabilities enable data-driven decisions, optimized resource allocation, and innovation in subsurface exploration and development. 

Benefits for Every Level

C-Suite Executives

• Realize digital transformation and drive positive results for the bottom line. 

• Future-proof your organization with a subsurface solution that maximizes knowledge assets and enables efficient decision-making. 

• Streamline workflows and promote collaboration, leveraging the collective expertise within your organization. 

Data Users

• Solve critical data challenges with open access to enterprise data and best-in-class workflows. 

• Foster collaboration and leverage diverse perspectives for comprehensive analyses and informed decision-making. 

• Make faster decisions with immediate access to relevant insights, driving better outcomes for the organization. 

Pros & Limitations
Streamlined Data Management and Workflows
Extensive Integration Capabilities
Configurable and Expandable Data Model
OSDU and Third-Party Connectivity
User-Centric Design and Ease of Use
Powerful Data Query and Visualization Tools
Facilitates Collaborative Projects
Released in 2021, it is still maturing its functionality with an ambitious development roadmap
Specification Title Specification Description
Knowledge Management Software
Designed to store all subsurface data from across the organisation
Browser Based Access
For both cloud-based and on-premise applications for maximum versatility and data consumption strategies
For Managers and Geoscientists
Allowing access, interogation and collaborration to unlock insights and accellerate decision making


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