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What are the rocks telling you?

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August 4 2023

Integrated Subsurface Workflows

RokDoc provides a highly flexible, interactive modelling and seismic characterization environment that allows the end user to move seamlessly from 1D through to 4D, capturing data from a very broad range of sources and displaying that data in intuitive, easy to use and visually appealing graphical displays that provide a solid foundation for communication to other subsurface professionals. 

RokDoc is a platform package that successfully incorporates rock physics, reservoir characterization, geopressure and geomechanics from 1D through to 4D meaning end users and asset teams can make significant time savings and efficiency improvements during their work.

RokDoc makes the subsurface workflows easier and faster (generate more models in less time) and in doing so the results more reliable and robust for use in reservoir modelling, reserves evaluations and the strategic decision-making process.


The most wholistic understanding of the subsurface with your data with RokDoc's integrated Rock Physics and Geomechanical workflows
Improved interpretation accuracy for hydrocarbon prospectivity
Explore, capture, quantify & communicate geological & geophysical uncertainty
Backed up by a global team of subsurface experts on hand to support the software and the scenarios you are working on
Over 20 years of development and innovation in the tool
Continuous product improvements to meet the ever changing needs of the energy industry
Specialist tool for a niche range of subsurface tasks in E&P and CCS


Geopredictive Software Data Conditioning, Modeling and Prediction
Geological Application Unconventional, Conventional, Onshore, Offshore, Sands, Shales and Carbonates
License Software and Services
Main Solutions Quantitative Interpretation Petrophysics, Rock Physics, Synthetic Modelling, AVO Conditioning, Seismic Inversion, Reservoir Characterization, 4D
Main Solutions Pore Pressure and Geomechanics Well Planning, Wellbore Stability Analysis, Lateral and Vertical Seal Risking, Depletion Analysis, Hydrodynamics

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Ikon Science is a global provider of geopredictive and knowledge management software and service solutions optimizing subsurface discovery, production, and storage. For over 20 years, Ikon has applied deep scientific expertise and technology innovation to help our customers extract actionable knowledge from sophisticated subsurface data. As rock physics pioneers, we have taken our passion to innovate, partner and solve subsurface challenges with integrated, multi-disciplinary workflows designed for your business. Our world-class technical team provides a proactive, attentive and collaborative way of helping our customers every step of the way – improving accessibility and accuracy, accelerating results, and lowering costs. We help customers make the best moves.

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