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Coating Quality Measurement

Enabling data-driven maintenance decisions and planning

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Friday, February 12, 2021 - 13:00

Corrosion is hard to predict. Failure to detect corrosion in time results in expensive repairs and increased downtime. CQM measures and detects corrosion in an early stage. The measurements enable predictive maintenance, triggering significant cost reduction compared to traditional maintenance planning.

Coating Quality Measurement (CQM) is a further developed version of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. While EIS can only perform a maximum of two measurements a day, CQM can perform hundreds. As a result, outliers are easily detected, and the reliability of test results is increased.


Provides insight into coating degradation over time
Warns for presence of corrosion underneath coating layers
Prognoses when corrosion starts
Gives insight into prognoses of % visible corrosion over time
Provides insight into how good the (visually intact) coating really protects
CQM Measurements require 2 visits to the assets, one for conditioning and one for the actual measurement


Condition Based Maintenance Predict coating failure to plan maintenance. | Maintaining assets prevents failure and downtime by repairing corroded areas before the structural integrity is at risk.
Asset Life Extension Maintenance optimisation by predictive maintenance, corrosion prevented.
Safety Increased safety by better maintenance. | Leakage is prevented by predictive maintenance.
Cost Predictive maintenance saves up to 40% of maintenance costs.
Data Analysis Develop a numerical model to predict the lifetime of the measured asset.
Lifetime Prognoses C-Cube specialises in lifetime prognoses of ceramic, metallic- and organic coatings.

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About C-Cube International

C-Cube International has been consulting clients on corrosion and evaluating lifespans to determine residual value of investments for asset owners since their founding in 2005. Over the years, C-Cube international built up its knowledge base while tailoring solutions to customers' specific needs. Through this expertise, the team established best practices to meet the needs of a broader market by the development of universal solutions.

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