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Ampelmann compact and fully electric transfer solution

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April 11 2024

The L-type is the system you need if you want to transfer personnel from vessels onto fixed structures in sea states up to 2m Hs. The system improves the safety and predictability of operations, allowing effective and efficient planning. With a continuous flow of personnel, it can transfer 50 PAX in less than five minutes, increasing your efficiency on your next offshore project.

Pros & Limitations
Safe personnel transfers up to 2m Hs
No HPU; plugs into vessel’s electric power supply
Vessel requirements ≥30m
Energy efficient with only 22kW power requirement
Fast mobilisation and containerised or air-freight transport
Vessel type: DP/non-DP
Specification Title Specification Description
Gangway length
6.0 x 2.2m (incl. skid frame, excl. gangway)
Certification system
DNV certified | Sea Fastening: DNV approved
Vessel type


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Ampelmann is the leading offshore access provider that delivers safe and efficient access solutions to the global offshore energy sector. Its innovative approach to offshore access has propelled the company forwards as a key global player with strong local presences in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Ampelmann’s diverse portfolio of modular and energy efficient gangways is tailored to meet every local and global demand, providing reliable and consistent access to offshore installations in a variety of sea states and weather conditions.

The company’s growing fleet of gangway systems includes solutions for crew change, cargo and decommissioning operations in the offshore oil and gas, wind and floating wind markets. The company operates on a full-service business model and provides its renting and buying clients with trained operators, 24/7 operational support and digital management tools to improve uptime and ensure maximum efficiency during offshore operations.

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