Your Own Technology Platform

We offer companies the option of having their own technology platform with tailored insights for your company, on a subscription basis.

By having your own technology platform, you no longer need to build and maintain your own technology catalogue.

Instead, we offer you a restricted, customised area within the infrastructure, accessible only to your own employees.


Your Own Technology Platform

Have your own technology platform, on a subscription basis! 

  • A restricted, customised area within the infrastructure, accessible only to your own employees

  • No need to build and maintain your own technology catalogue

  • Extra functionality available to accelerate the uptake of technology in your organisation

A demo version can be made available upon request. Contact us to learn more.

Save time & money with your own Tech Platform

  • Discover available or under development solutions for your challenges

  • Enjoy evergreen technology catalogue kept up-to-date by suppliers — no need to build and maintain your own!

  • Save a lot of time by avoiding the need to identify and talk with different suppliers. 

  • Select technologies using external reviews and references as screening factors like we select products in daily life!

  • Convince your colleagues about applicable technologies at different levels in the organisation using objective tools and features of the platform

How it works in practice

A supplier can add multiple technologies to the global platform. 

Technologies will be added to your Tech Platform based on your business challenges & your criteria. 

For example, the criteria can be:

  • The technology must result in CO2 footprint reduction 

  • The technology must have been used in specific countries

  • It must have been deployed a minimum number of 3 times by similar companies

  • Etc…

Extra Functionality to further enhance your own technology platform

  • Possibility to add internal reviews for each technology, not visible on the public platform. 

  • Possibility to add in-house developed technologies, using the same template as for external technologies. 

  • Possibility to add a public facing “call for technologies” page aligned with your key strategic technology focus areas. 

  • Creating user groups for efficient knowledge sharing on specific technologies within your company

  • Data analytics about usage of the platform.


We can provide a FREE 6-month trial for Your Own Tech Platform which will be populated with technologies based on your business challenges & your criteria.


* contact us for the terms and conditions


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