What we offer the Energy Industry

Accelerate technology deployment

Enjoy an intuitive platform that gives you easy access to  technologies, benchmarking insights and expertise to enhance performance.

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Single Users

Looking for the right technologies to meet your business goals? Our platform makes it easy to find the technologies you need.

  • Search: Effortlessly search for technologies by keyword, category, or any relevant criteria.

  • Detailed Overview: Learn about each technology in detail, including features, specifications, benefits, deployment references and independent reviews.

  • Direct Messaging: Connect directly with technology suppliers through our secure messaging.

Platform Subscription

Single users only have access to a subset of our tools and insights. Our Platform Subscription provides access to powerful tools and benchmarking insights to accelerate technology deployment, based on >20 years of hands-on and strategic experience in the energy sector.

What we offer:

  • Your Own Company Space, with technologies grouped along the lines of your business needs. With this company space, you won’t need to build and maintain your company technology catalogue/database.

  • Advanced filters to enable you to quickly find technologies that have already been deployed by other companies. 

  • Benchmarking Data Insights to help you build a winning technology plan.

  • Scouting Support to identify technologies to address your specific business challenges.

More functionality can be added dependent on your specific needs. Book a demo to learn more.

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Integrated Technology Package

We can support you with accelerating technology deployment with our Integrated Technology Package, consisting of the following main building blocks. Contact us for details!

  • Define your Technology Strategy

  • Develop fit-for-purpose Technology Deployment Guidelines & Procedures

  • Build a Technology Plan. See one of our recent blogs for details! Our superior platform data insights will help you build the right plan.

  • Support you with all the follow-up steps to sustainably embed technology into your business

  • Access to our TechnologyCatalogue.com platform

The delivery of the services will be led by our CEO (Erik Nijveld), COO/CTO (Vincent van Beusekom) or CIO (Piet Moeleker). Combined, they have >60 years of strategic and hands-on experience with technology deployment, supporting tens of different customers. Please contact us to get a copy of their full CV.

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Decarbonise your business, reduce cost, improve safety

Watch this 35-second video for a brief overview of platform status and the functionality made available to our customers!

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Our track record has earned the trust of leading global companies and governmental organisations 

We are independent

We  would like to emphasize the following:

  • We are not being paid on commission basis by suppliers. The reason is simple: we want to keep an independent position. 

  • If there is any interest in a specific technology,  the initial contact can thereby be established via the messaging functionality on the relevant technology page on the platform. We can facilitate where needed.

  • Any contract negotiation between supplier and an end-user, would follow the normal procurement process of your company.  We are not part of a contractual arrangement between you and the technology supplier.

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