Technology Stress Test


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What makes that some technologies get deployed, and other seemingly superior products struggle to get traction? 

We can help you to get from A to B and develop the action plan based on the Technology Stress Test and our years of experience.

What is Technology Stress Test?

  • A consultancy service that brings together stakeholders’ perspectives on technology deployment

  • The result of the Stress Test is a summary sheet that helps assess the impact on production uptime, cost savings, environment & safety concerns. Also, it helps to assess the technology deployment pain points.

Who benefits from Stress Test?


  • Technology suppliers

  • Developers of new technologies that have not yet been deployed

What are the benefits of Stress Test to technology end-users?

  • Increases the financial & operational efficiency of technology deployment

  • Identifies the technology deployment risks

  • Independent expert support in technology validation

What are the benefits of Stress Test to technology suppliers?

  • Increases the rate in which the supplier converts leads to sales

  • Identifies key non-technical actions to increase chances for success

Why choose Deployment Matters for this test?

  • Credibility of method

    • 20 years of technology deployment experience

    • 600 successful deployments

  • Leverage on deployment matters network of suppliers and end users

How does it work?

  • We identify the right teams that needs to be involved in the Stress Test

  • We go through a list of 7 themes - total of 30 criteria

  • We usually generate 3 – 5 actionable items that will help with the deployment of the technology

  • We provide an action plan for the client to implement the strategy

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