Technology Plan

Building a Technology Plan

Based on over 20 years of experience and over 1000 deployments, we understand what it takes to get technologies deployed, including all change management  aspects. 

We can support you with selecting and deploying applicable and available technologies for your business, which makes up a robust technology plan for your company.


How do we support you?

The scope of work is all about creating pull from assets and projects through a selection of the best technologies to improve your business performance, and defining the specific actions leading towards successful deployment.

We can advise you on applicable technologies, based on your challenges/opportunities as well as what has been done by other companies in analogue assets/projects. 


Technology Planning Process

A typical approach that we use while building a technology plan include:

  • Based on your business needs, we prepare a list of 30-50 technologies that can potentially be of interest, or used by other industries where applicable!

  • This is followed by a number of working sessions to rank the technologies based on impact and do-ability, and to select the top opportunities to deploy. 

  • For each technology, an action plan is developed, describing the actions to be taken to sustainably embed the technology.

Note: The technology plan is held virtually and if preferred, it can also be delivered on-premise (Additional cost will be added).

Components captured in a technology plan (20-30 pages)

  • Executive summary including the potential size-of-the prize to the company, Deployment Matrix and the Impact versus Do-Ability Chart

  • Overview of business needs

  • Overview of technologies to address the business needs

  • Selected technologies

  • Collection of plans on a page for each technology

  • Underlying details per technology

  • Follow-up working sessions & dialogues

  • The outcome is captured in a technology plan


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