Technology Insights Navigator



In addition to the free access for individual users, we can deliver specific insights to you via our Technology Insights Navigator.


Your own team space

We provide you with your own team space within the infrastructure, only accessible to you and the colleagues that are part of the same subscription. The area contains technologies selected from, mapped against your priority areas. With such area, you no longer need to build and maintain your own technology overview. 

The team space functionality within the infrastructure forms the basis of the Technology Insights Navigator.

One or more modules can be selected as add-on. Check out these add-ons below.


Advanced filters (Add-on)

With more advanced filters in your own team space, you get specific data and insights about technology deployments in the industry that will allow you to select technologies and replicate what has worked for other companies.

We also support you with additional data and insights where the ‘pull’ is for specific technologies or themes. With this filter functionality, you will stay on top of industry trends.


Add internal reviews & comments (Add-on)

This functionality allows internal reviews and comments to be added to technology pages, in the same way as independent external experts can add reviews to  

These internal reviews and comments would only be visible to the members (or a subset) of the team that are part of the subscription.


Share your business needs (Add-on)

Your own company page on the global platform will highlight the key areas for which you are seeking technologies as well as your selection criteria.

You will get the tools and edit rights to update the information on the page, hence reflecting the latest status.

We will actively share the page across our network and social media channels, this way mobilising suppliers to register appropriate technologies on the platform. Qualified technologies can then be added to your own team space




Procurement toolkit (Add-on)

For technology deployment to happen, it is essential that end-user businesses are well aligned with the value chain supplying the technologies. Procurement can play a key role in facilitating that alignment over the entire lifecycle., in collaboration with B-CEPShave developed a Procurement Toolkit which includes:

  • Insight in available market technologies

  • Tools to align technologies to categories

  • Supplier sustainability ratings

  • Contracting strategy decision tree

  • Supplier management checklist


Investor toolkit (Add-on)

We support you with finding and selecting companies to invest in that offer solutions for the energy transition.  Through our platform, we can thereby provide specific insights in the market potential of technologies.

You will also have the tools to manage your investment portfolio.




Pricing is dependent on the number of seats.

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