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A battery technology to solve grid infrastructure, congestion, and solar profitability

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October 31 2023

Zenon Energy focuses on building renewable battery systems that have the same usable lifetime as solar and wind assets, and approach every project from a business perspective on risk, profitability, payback, and the bottom-line benefits. 

Zenon developed the battery enclosure, electronics, software, and containerized designs to build simple and cost-effective systems.

We are one of the first to commercialize titanium-based storage specifically for B2B and C&I applications with typical customers in the agricultural, electric vehicle infrastructure, logistics, and manufacturing sectors. 


Extreme cyclelife - proven and tested
25-year usable lifetime
Minimal degradation per year
-40'C to 60'C - save cooling/heating costs
Safest titanium-based battery chemistry
Local production and installation in Netherlands
Fast charging/discharging
Relatively heavy
Relative large physical size


Cycles 100% DOD with 22000+ cycles
Low degradation 0.6% annual degradation typically
25-year lifetime Proven lifetime with calendar and cyclic aging
Fast charging Full charging in 15 minutes
Wide temperature range -40'C to +60'C with subzero charging
Unmatched safety Industry-recognized as safest chemistry
Green battery Lowest CO2 cost per lifetime kWh

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We develop and build energy storage systems capable of reaching 25-year lifetimes using titanium cell storage. We are a deep-tech energy solutions company building our own energy storage to derisk your investment in energy storage.  

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