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Wellhead Retrieval Clamps

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Production Tree Lifting Equipment

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May 21 2023

SPC's Wellhead Retrieval Clamp (WHRC) & Universal Wellhead Retrieval Clamp (UWHRC) are capable of handling sizes 13 5/8" up to 18 3/4", designed to suit Cameron & Vetco wellhead profiles with Drillquip and NOV profiles in development. The clamps have a Safe Working Loads range from 120,000 KG up to 200,000 KG and are also capable of lifting production trees. 


Reduction in downtime due to Operational Failure
Diverless Operations
No Direct Hydraulics
Small Deck Spread
Adaptability as can be used for Single up to Multi Well Projects
Can be run from a CSV
UWHRC designed to suit various sizes and profiles in one clamp
WHRC designed to only suit Cameron Profiles
WHRC's designed to fit one specific size


WHRC Series for Cameron Wellhead Profiles
WHRC Sizes 16 3/4" & 18 3/4"
WHRC Safe Working Load 200 Ton
WHRC Weight 1.4Ton
API 6A Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment
UWHRC Series Cameron & Vetco Wellhead Profiles (Drillquip & NOV Profiles in development)
UWHRC Sizes 13 5/8", 16 3/4" & 18 3/4"
UWHRC Safe Working Load 120 - 160 Ton
UWHRC Weight 1.2Ton

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About Subsea Pressure Controls Ltd

Subsea Pressure Controls provides alternative engineering solutions to the global energy industry, supporting the Oil & Gas, Renewable, and Marine sectors.

We specialise in the repair, refurbishment, manufacturing, and sale of drilling and well control equipment. Providing rental of pressure control equipment and the support of competent personnel.

Our engineering department provides R&D, design from concept to detailed & draughting, project management, manufacturing, commissioning, and site support are all available as solutions.

Additionally, as a solution provider our mobile support units assist with pressure testing, flushing, bolting, hose management and assemblies up to 4” to allow for equipment recertification and preservation.

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