Well Data Management

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Digitise and composite your key well log data

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April 11 2024

Celtic Data Services can digitise, composite and perform petrophysical evaluations on well log data of virtually any quality and vintage.

We also provide services for NDR's, this includes QC'ing the well data looking for incorrect or  missing and rectifying these. 


Pros & Limitations
Transforming hard copy to digital data, reduces storage space.
Time saving and energy saving
Assisting in CCS projects due to CCL digitising
Reducing digital storage costs
Focus on the oil and gas industry only
Specification Title Specification Description
Well Log Digitising
Well Log, Lithology Dipmeter, Mudlog and CCL logs for Carbon Storage
Log Compositing
Celtic Data Services can process raw log data to create a user friendly data set for use in a variety of industry standard platforms.
Petrophysical Analysis
Celtic Data Services can perform well log analysis, this involves calculating volume of shale, porosity, water saturation and lithology types/volumes. We can provide a whole well interpretation or client specified zones of interest.
We are able to research well data on NDR's for missing and incorrect data and rectify the the submission data.


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Celtic Data Services Ltd. have staff with over 30 years experience each in the oil and gas data management field to ensure a quality end product.

Celtic Data Services Ltd. can digitise, composite, QC NDR submission data and perform petrophysical evaluations on well log data of virtually any quality and vintage.

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