Torrgas Gasification Technology

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Sustainable, carbon negative biofuels and green chemical products from biowaste

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August 28 2023

Our Innovative Solution: A patented two-stage gasification technology that uses torrefied biomass as the primary feedstock.

At the basis of our technology lies the use of torrefied biomass streams as a feedstock. This torrefied biomass is produced  via torrefaction, a process that transforms various heterogeneous (waste) biomass streams into a uniform, coal-like product. This torrefied biomass serves as the foundation for stable and dependable operations. Using this torrefied material, Torrgas has developed a two-stage gasification concept. It consists of a low-temperature gasifier (LTG) and a high-temperature gasifier (HTG).

The LTG produces a gas fraction rich in hydrocarbons and a solid biochar fraction. The HTG cracks the hydrocarbon-rich gas, resulting in a chemical-grade syngas that's free from tar and nitrogen. This syngas is applicable in downstream processes, such as the synthesis of DME, Hydrogen, Methanol, SAF and SNG.

By separating the biochar in the LTG, we facilitate the use of a non-slagging HTG. This results in reduced CAPEX and operational expenditure (OPEX), as well as enhanced operational dependability.

The minerals in the torrefied biomass become concentrated in the biochar. This biochar can act as an environmentally friendly fertilizer or soil enhancer, creating a closed mineral cycle. By sequestering this biochar, the process becomes carbon-negative. Alternatively, the biochar can be used as a precursor for activated carbon (useful in applications like gas purification and water treatment), blast furnace coke, composite additives, and more.


Carbon-negative process due to sequestering of biochar
Nitrogen and Tar free syngas
Low CAPEX due to use of non-slagging gasifier
Wide range of feedstock options
Stable operation due to homogenous feedstock
Unproven at large scale


2 stage reactor design The 2 stage design allows for a non slagging gasifer that produces nitrogen and tar free syngas and biochar
Oxygen blown gasification Production of high purity syngas
Value added by products Biochar can be used in a variety of different sectors, such as the fertilizer, activated carbon and graphite market.
Homogeneous torrefied feedstock Torrefied biomass usage results in a homogeneous feedstock which is much easier to handle and due to the increased energy density the transport costs are significantly lower compared to raw biomass

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At Torrgas our purpose is to provide industrial customers with a solution to make fully circular biofuels and green chemical products, with a negative carbon footprint. We aim to play a significant role in the global transition from fossil to renewable products.

As a technology company, we innovate for society with the belief that we can substitute fossil resources by renewable alternatives.

We consider the whole value chain from sourcing to final product.

We sell our proprietary gasification technology under license, initiate and develop projects with our knowledge on biomass resourcing to final products.

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