TITAN System

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The TITAN System unifies a downhole hydraulic power tool with casing cutting and recovery capability, in a single trip operation.

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December 11 2023

Single Trip Casing Recovery with Downhole Power.

The TITAN System has the flexibility to save days on every casing recovery operation, from the simplest single trip cut and pull, through to partially cemented casing, open hole or high angle wells. The TITAN System maximises the recoverable casing in challenging circumstances by utilizing the pulling capacity of the power tool and the repeatable casing cutting capability, while able to fit a wide range of casing sizes.

Comprising the Downhole Power Tool, Ardyne's ALO Valve and the FRM Spear, a motor, and a cutter. The TITAN system is a multifunctional BHA, allowing multiple casing cuts and extreme downhole pulls, with no load at the rig floor, all in a single trip. The system facilitates cutting the casing into smaller sections as required, and then re-engagement of the DownHole Power Tool to pull the casing free and recover to surface. Positioning the DownHole Power Tool downhole directly above the fish allows safe application of extreme pulls, without loading the workstring from surface.


Multiple cuts on same run
Multiple pulls/jacks on same run
No extreme loads at surface
Max. pull up to 1.7million lbs
Casing spear designed to handle high pulling forces
Uprated casing cutter for improved cutting times and for making multiple cuts
Ability to adapt to well conditions and change plans accordingly
Not suitable for high temperature wells without conversion
Clean up run required to ensure DHPT can anchor in host casing without obstructions
Updated rotational DHPT required for cutting without a motor


Casing Cutting Ability to make multiple casing cuts on the same trip
Extreme power Ability to apply up to 1.7million lbs force to free stuck casing/fish
Casing Recovery Recover casing from challenging conditions, from settled solids, cemented casing or from formation in open hole
Stuck Fish Recovery Recover stuck BHA's by applying force downhole directly at stuck point

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Ardyne develops and supplies specialised technology and services to the global energy industry, focusing on reducing rig time spent on downhole casing removal in slot recovery / re-entry, workover, and plug & abandonment operations, alongside full fishing and milling capabilities. Technology advancement lies at the core of Ardyne, combined with decades of operational experience and responsive, client-focused delivery. Ardyne is headquartered in Aberdeen and backed by Lime Rock Partners. We have 90+ employees and additional facilities in Tananger, Norway.

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