Thermophilic digestion with DIGESTMIX

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Maximizing biogas production in a easy-to-operate, robust way

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April 11 2024

Colsen’s thermophilic anaerobic sludge digestion (TAD) is a treatment technology for organic wastes such as municipal sewage sludge, manure, agricultural waste or food waste which guarantees to provide Class A Biosolids while increasing waste reduction and biogas production considerably in comparison with conventional mesophilic digestion.

Colsen's TAD doens't require for complex and expensive pre- nor post-treatment steps. To be able to guarantee such a high sludge reduction efficiency, TAD is designed with Colsen's proprietary digester mixing and heating system, DIGESTMIX. DIGESTMIX assures optimized mixing and heating which is needed to sustain thermophilic digestion at an optimal performance.

Pros & Limitations
Maximized energy recovery from waste
Class A biosolids production when required
zero downtime of biogas production facility by easy-to-maintain DIGESTMIX
Easy to operate system
Retrofit of existing digesters possible
Minimal amount of organic waste necessary to have feasible business model
Specification Title Specification Description
Easy to operate
By the use of DIGESTMIX no moving parts are present in the digester. This leads to zero downtime of biogas production
Low energy consumption while maximizing energy production
TAD with DIGESTMIX requires less equipment than conventional mesophilic digestion while maximizing biogas production
Class A biosolids production
Due to TAD design, biosolids leaving the system comply with Biosolids Class A according to US EPA Rule 503
Low energy consumption
7.5kW installed power per DIGESTMIX
High quality material and ATEX
SS316L for parts in contact with biogas


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In collaboration with a variety of universities we have developed own water treatment, digestion and nutrient recovery technologies, among which anammox nitrogen removal,  thermophilic digestion, biogas desulphurization, and many more.

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