Square Robots SR1 and SR3

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Autonomous Storage Tank Inspection Robots

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April 16 2024

The Square Robot SR1 and SR3 stand as exemplars of cutting-edge autonomous tank inspection technology, designed to navigate hazardous conditions seamlessly while employing advanced sensors and Phased Array Ultrasonic technology for precise inspections. Both robots are FM Class I Division II certified, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in compliance-driven assessments across diverse tank setups.


Square Robot's fleet of inspection robots, anchored by the SR1, showcases a fusion of autonomy and advanced inspection technology. The SR1 boasts a nitrogen-purged aluminum pressure vessel housing batteries, electronics, and an autonomous engine. Featuring patent-protected autonomous navigation and inspection payloads, it conducts inspections without operator input, utilizing HD cameras, lighting, and Phased Array Ultrasonic testing for comprehensive corrosion mapping.


Building upon the capabilities of the SR1, the Square Robot SR3 represents the pinnacle of autonomous tank inspection innovation. Equipped with all the technology of the SR1 and more, the SR3 offers versatile applications and launch methods for standout in-tank inspections, as it is compatible with fixed, external, or internal floating roofs, catering to various tank types and accommodating low- and high-flashpoint products. Its compatibility with various tank types and launch options, coupled with coming advancements like internal roof seal inspection and sediment thickness mapping, exemplifies Square Robot's commitment to pushing the boundaries of comprehensive in-service tank inspection solutions.

Pros & Limitations
In-service tank inspection prevents release of carbon, solid, and liquid waste
People are out of dangerous working environments
Provides high resolution ultrasonic data for advanced analysis
Allows tanks to stay in service during inspection
Enables access to accurate and reliable data while also maintaining compliance and high-quality certifications
Specification Title Specification Description
Vehicle Control Housing
Contains batteries, electronics, painted aluminum pressure vessel
Navigation Control
Sensor suite for positioning and navigation
8 thrusters allow motion in 6 degrees of freedom
Ballast and Trim
Ensures stable operations across fluid densities
HD cameras provide live footage of tank interior
PAUT Array
Scans tank bottom, collects ultrasound thickness data
Sediment Removal
Clears sediment before bottom scanning
3 omni-directional wheels for smooth traversing


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Founded in 2016, Square Robot stands at the forefront of revolutionizing aboveground storage tank inspections. Specializing in autonomous, submersible robots, we address critical challenges in inspecting tanks containing volatile products like diesel, jet fuel, and gasoline, eliminating the need for disruptive and dangerous internal inspections. Across the 150 tanks inspected to date, Square Robot has effectively contained approximately 409 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions, eradicated over 90,000 hours of confined space labor, and spared 4,095 days of out-of-service time that is conventionally required for internal tank inspections.

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