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Energy Asset Monitoring Driven by Satellite Data and AI

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August 23 2023

The challenge:

Power and gas transmission and distribution system operators (TSOs and DSOs) struggle with monitoring external risks to their assets cost-effectively and at scale while meeting stringent reliability and resilience requirements and environmental regulations. Operators within the renewable energy sector, for their part, are seeking effective solutions to optimize site selection for solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy installations.

The solution:

Spottitt provides ready-to-use geospatial analytics utilizing satellite data and proprietary machine learning algorithms.

With Spottitt Metrics Factory (Spottitt MF), our cloud-based platform, users can effortlessly monitor risk metrics tailored to their organisation's specific use case or operational model. Metrics are related to vegetation risks, pipeline leakage, change and third-party interventions, land and asset motion, climate conditions, and more.

We provide scalable monitoring, irrespective of the asset's location, size, or environmental conditions. The analysis is accessible via numeric tables and heat maps, which are easy to interpret and integrate with internal GIS and asset management systems. The result is an enhancement in asset safety, climate resiliency, and performance, achieved in an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable manner.

The company has been honoured with industry awards such as Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies in 2023 and TOP 100 Energy Start-ups in the World. 


Actionable Insights. Remote. Scalable. Cost-efficient. Easy Integration. Environmental Friendly.
Comprehensive and user-friendly analytics platform
Accurate risk monitoring, at scale and at near real-time
Standardised data which is easy to manipulate and integrate
Instrumental insights for better decision-making
Fully digital and remote technology
Not commercially viable for less than 200 km of assets


100% Digital, Remote and Scalable No hassle with sending foot patrols to hard-to-access areas and long stretches of infrastructure. No pollution and no need for permits as required for flying planes. No limited flight or load capacity, and no susceptibility to weather conditions as with f
Actionable Insights in 72 Hours This is done due to satellite technology's independence from seasonal and weather conditions, infrastructure location and length, as well as the simplicity of platform deployment.
Analysis Accuracy This is enabled by the combination of high-resolution satellite data down to 30 centimeters and proprietary machine learning algorithms.
Easy to Access and Manipulate Risk analysis is accessible through a cloud-based platform from any device and from anywhere in the world. Outcome insights are customized to each client's risk model, easy to interpret for every type of end user, and simple to share and integrate.

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Spottitt provides satellite-derived geospatial analytics that helps power, utility and infrastructure operators embrace a new digital era, bringing unprecedented service reliability and optimal O&M spending. The solution has earned the trust of numerous international private and public organizations by facilitating their adoption of Earth Observation (EO) for asset monitoring. The company has been honored with industry awards such as Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies in 2023 and TOP 100 Energy Start-ups in the World.

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