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SoluForce Flexible Composite Pipe (RTP / FCP)

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Maintenance-free high pressure flexible pipes

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Friday, February 18, 2022 - 11:54

SoluForce is the originator and technological leader in long length high pressure Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe systems (RTP or Flexible Composite Pipes, FCP). They are used for many applications, such as hydrocarbons, hydrogen, water, offshore and mining. It is completely flexible, meaning it can go around corners, up hills, down slopes, across gullies, under water and more with ease. Being non-metallic, it is also fully corrosion-free and it is quick and simple to install anywhere in the world.


Maintenance-free (TCO >20% lower than steel pipes)
No scaling, corrosion or embrittlement
Flexible & light
Up to 4x lower CO₂ eq. footprint compared to steel pipe production
Fast and easy transport and installation
SoluForce Academy to train for RTP installation and operation
Up to 400 meters of pipe per coil
In general, RTP's are offered in a relative narrow range of diameters


Areas of Application Oil, gas, hydrogen, water, offshore and mining.
Pressure Design pressure of up to 344 bar.
Capabilities Only gas tight flexible pipe in the industry.
Pipe Diameter Diameters of 4" and 6"(ND).
Certifications/ Licenses API 15S, API Q1, ISO9001, KIWA.
Installation Installation support provided, installation and usage training provided by SoluForce Academy.
Environment Reusable and up to 4x lower CO₂ eq. footprint compared to steel pipe production and installation.
Application Extensive track record with over 3500km installed worldwide since the year 2000.

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About SoluForce

At SoluForce we develop, manufacture and market Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP or RTP) systems. As originator and technological leader, our systems are used for a variety of applications such as high pressure flowlines, water injection, gas transport, hydrogen, water and mining.

With over 3.500 km of SoluForce FCP installed around the world in on- and offshore applications, our customers have been benefitting from our reliable solutions, know-how and experience since the year 2000.

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