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Digitally Enabled Slickline

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November 8 2023

Slick-E-Line digitally enabled slickline combines the versatility and efficiency of slickline with real-time data capabilities of electric line. This cutting-edge platform delivers the ability to make key real-time operational decisions for both service companies and operators alike; ensuring the most efficient well intervention operations.


Slick-E-Line Cable

The Slick-E-Line Cable comprises a proprietary polymeric coating and a high strength alloy slickline. The coating significantly reduces friction and abrasion to downhole components, as well as enabling bi-directional telemetry. Simultaneously enhancing normal mechanical slickline operations and enabling bi-directional telemetry, the Slick-E-Line Cable is deployed using standard slickline pressure control equipment for fast rig up and safer operations.


Bi-directional Telemetry

Continuous bi-directional communication enables unparalleled accuracy with depth correlation, achieving electric line accuracy on a slickline setup. Real-time data from the PPU's onboard sensors means all operations can be successfully confirmed before pulling out of hole.


Service Capabilities

From mechanical slickline operations to production logging and well integrity measurement, the Slick-E-Line System covers a wide range of demands. Fully ruggedized downhole electronics allow the system to be used for perforating and pipe recovery operations as well as traditional mechanical jarring. Plug setting, dump bailing, tubing punching and operation of other electromechanical tools is all possible, with the Slick-E-Line System's real-time two-way communication from the surface. A wide range of interfacing cross-overs allow the Slick-E-Line System to operate with most industry standard logging and well integrity tools, including Sondex, Probe and Spartek.

• All conventional slickline operations
• Intelligent drift
• Production logging
• Well integrity monitoring
• Fluid sampling
• Reservoir evaluation
• Explosive initiation
• Perforating
• Pipe cutting/recovery
• Non-explosive initiation
• Plug setting
• Tubing punching
• Dump bailing


ParaOffice Logging Software

ParaOffice™ is Paradigm's proprietary data acquisition software specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Slick-E-Line® and ParaComm Systems. Aquiring data simultaneously in the time domain as well as the depth domain, ParaOffice offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows full control of the ongoing operations. Plotting data in real time, performing click-and-drag correlations, and controlling an extensive suite of downhole tools can all be handled by ParaOffice. Examples of acutuated tools that can all be controlled at surface via ParaOffice™ are:

• Multi-finger Caliper Tools
• Bailers
• Casing Punch
• Explosive Perforation and Setting
• Electromechanical Setting

All functions and commands have been designed with the user in mind, resulting in intuitive and simple control.


Simple retro-fit system
Integration of industry recognised tooling
Stuffing box pressure control
Low abrasion / friction wire
Bi-directional telemetry
Slickline spread footprint
Utilisation of lithium batteries


Slick-E-Line Cable Diameter (Core Wire Dia. / Outer Dia.) 0.125 in / 0.160 in
Slick-E-Line Cable Breaking Load 3,204 lbs
Slick-E-Line Maximum Cable Length 34,500 ft
Slick-E-Line Down Hole Tools Pressure Rating 15,000 psi
Slick-E-Line Down Hole Tools Temperature Rating STD (HT) 150 degC / 302 degF (175 degC / 347 degF)
ParaComm Antenna Pressure Rating STD (HP) 10,000 psi (15,000 psi)
ParaComm Antenna Temperature Rating -20 degC to 60 degC / 68 degF to 140 degF

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Paradigm Group was established in 2009, to invest, develop and commercialize innovative upstream oil and gas technology products and services. Today at Paradigm we are focused on utilizing our skills to develop innovative value-generating solutions for the broader energy industry, with a clear goal to minimize both cost and carbon impact.


The company has a strong track record in delivering innovative technologies which have delivered immediate customer value and significantly lowering carbon impact by disrupting conventional practices.

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