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An AI based SaaS for energy efficiency and indoor climate comfort

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October 31 2023

R8tech’s cloud-based software solution, Digital Operator, is one of the most successful Artificial Intelligence based tools in the world. It takes building engineering management to the next generation by adding AI on top of existing automation systems. This enables clients to enjoy having autonomous control over their HVAC (Heating-Ventilating-Air Conditioning) systems, which is continually optimised 24/7. The results are energy cost savings and CO2 emission reductions of up to 30%, together with improved indoor occupant comfort. 

The Digital Operator improves HVAC data transparency and reliability with advanced fault diagnostics features. R8tech ensures that your buildings are heated, cooled and ventilated at the right time, with the right amount of energy. Our AI engine takes account of the constant fluctuations in visitors, weather and energy market prices. It does not require any additional hardware or capital investment.


Energy savings and CO2 reduction up to 30%.
Indoor climate comfort 90+%.
HVAC system longer lifespan +20%.
Reducing average electricity price in a case of electricity exchange agreements.
BMS needed
Internet connection needed


Digitalisation R8 Digital Operator is the 1st digital and the most effective member of any RE technical team.
Personalisation R8 Digital Operator is called Jenny.
Capabilities An AI-based R8 Digital Operator takes your buildings' technical management to the next generation.
Business Impact Energy cost savings | CO2 emission reductions of up to 30%

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R8tech is at the frontline in supporting the real estate industry, fighting the global challenges of ESG and operational efficiency.  We have developed one of the most effective Artificial Intelligence based tools in the world, R8 Digital Operator. It takes large buildings’ technical management to the next level, by ensuring the highest standards of indoor climate comfort and energy efficiency.

R8tech is active in 18 countries across Europe, including the UK, Finland, Portugal, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands. Our HQ is in Tallinn, Estonia - the “Silicon Valley“ of Europe. Our clients include WeWork, CBRE, EDP, Radisson Blu, Swedbank and others. R8 Digital Operator is running 1,400,000+ sq. m of commercial buildings today, and this is growing. Our average energy savings are 15-20%, whilst enhancing indoor comfort.  

R8 Digital Operator has avoided over 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions to date (August'22).

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