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Reducing wasted energy

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April 11 2024

Power quality is an essential factor in any electrical system. Nøste recognizes the importance of maintaining power quality and provides comprehensive solutions to ensure the best possible performance of your system. Through Nøste’s use of advanced technologies, you can identify, measure and correct harmonics and unbalanced loads that can cause power quality problems.  

Harmonics are defined as frequencies that are multiples of the input frequency, which can be caused by non-linear electrical equipment such as adjustable speed drives and computers. 

Unbalanced loads occur when current or voltage in each phase is not equal, which can cause increased heat in certain parts of the system. 

Both of these issues can lead to power losses, overheating, noise and other issues that affect the efficiency and reliability of your system. 

Nøste provides a one-stop shop for correcting these power quality issues with its wide range of monitoring systems, analysis software and corrective devices. 

Nøste’s systems provide detailed information about your system so you can identify potential problems before they become more serious. It also offers corrective solutions to reduce or eliminate harmonics and unbalanced loads in your electrical system.   With Nøste’s comprehensive solutions for identifying and correcting power quality issues, you can ensure that your electrical system operates at its peak performance levels with minimal risk of failure or damage due to harmonics or unbalanced loads. 

Pros & Limitations
Reducing wasted energy by reducing harmful harmonics
Harmonic reduction improves life expectancy of plant and machinery
Cost reduction through improving life of plant and fuel consumption
Specification Title Specification Description
Specification against which survey data is assessed
Specification against which survey data is assessed
IEE 519
Specification against which survey data is assessed


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Nøste is an energy management consultancy focusing on reducing wasted energy.  By conducting a power quality survey on your facility or vessel, we can identify sources of wasted energy (eg high reactive power, harmonics) and other inefficient energy generation or ditribution processes.  We can then perform detailed analyses to develop solutions to remove waste energy from your system, either through system enhamcements or by the installation of Ezone Energy's innovative p1 isolation transformer technology.  

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