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The Centric Reciprocation is a unique and patented rotary displacement technology

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October 31 2023

Inner and outer rotor has two vanes each, rotating in the same direction with variable angular velocity 90 out of phase.

Each chamber expands and contracts twice per revolution -> Enables high capacity per unit.

Each revolution vields 8 full compressor/pump strokes.

Suction/exhaust are formed in four voids between vanes (arranged in front and back of barrel or on sides).

The technology is ready for market and well suitable for applications such as: booster pump, mud pump, CO2 pump, heat pump. wet gas compressor.



Water sealing fluid provides efficient cooling for nearly isothermal compression process
Low internal friction due to non contact compression chamber sealing
High output – Low energy consumption (kWh/m3)
Oil separation and cooling systems are not required
The high tolerance for liquid and contaminations allows for process steps like e.g. scrubbing and drying to be done after compression at a lower volume
Positive displacement, self priming, positive suction head
Robust and reliable, particle resistant, suitable for multi-phase pumping and wet gas compression
Modular, simple, repair friendly design


Centric Reciprocating Technology Flexible, scalable energy effective technology
Areas of application Subsea pumps, CO2 pumps, wet gas compressor
Application - Wet Gas compressor First liquid tolerant Centric Reciprocating Compressor enabled to Pump (CRCP). Efficient, Reliable (low maintenance), Clean, Liquid Tolerant and allow for system simplifications.
Application - Multiphase seabed booster pump (Unique displacement pump) More oil and gas with OTECHOS CRP. Provides artificial lift, reduces needs for gas lift, less topside equipment

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OTECHOS is an experienced company with roots back in industrial engineering and commercialization of new products within the energy – oil & gas industry, machinery and mechanical branches. We follow our innovative and environmentally friendly products from the early stage of idea to their specific markets. The company draws benefits from long experience and from being a small and flexible environment for creativity and knowhow.

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