Osorb Water Treatment Systems

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Environmentally friendly water treatment using pioneering media and regeneration processes.

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December 11 2023

The patented Osorb technology is applied in a fully automated system to provide superior water treatment to the most challenging water streams. Osorb uses both adsorption and absorption to remove dispersed, dissolved, and emulsified hydrocarbons from water. The media is regenerated in-situ, with regeneration method flexibility for reuse and the hydrocarbons captured during water treatment are collected and concentrated. The regeneration and reuse of the media reduces the downtime, footprint, maintenance, and disposal costs of the system compared to additional offerings in the market.

Water treatment technology providing operators with soluble hydrocarbon treatment solutions to meet the world’s strictest standards and protecting the environment for future generations.


High removal efficacy of hydrocarbons and BTEX
Low operating cost of the system
Long life time of media
Reduced foot print
Flexibel media regeneration
Reduced HSE risks


Hydrocarbons removal efficiency Osorb removes dispersed, dissolved and emulsified hydrocarbons form 100 - 200 ppm to 1 ppm level
BTEX removal effciency Osorb removes BTEX form 100 - 200 ppm to 1 ppm level
Contaminants removed Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Xylene, Phenols, PAH, VOC’s, SVOC, Dispersed Oil
Flexibly regen media method The Osorb media can be regenerated by steam, natural gas or C3-C4 liquid
Long life time of media The media has 5+ years of life time in normal operation

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ProSep is the industry-leading technology and services provider of choice for integrated process solutions to the global energy industry. ProSep creates customized and efficient solutions for our clients and their operations, worldwide. Utilizing our proprietary product portfolio, we provide innovative solutions for process separation of oil, gas and produced water streams. We do this by drawing on a combination of highly experienced personnel, efficient processes and exceptional conventional and proprietary technologies.

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