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Oil Mist Separation

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Oil Mist Separators (COMS®)/Oil Mist Eliminators for the extraction and filtration of oil mist

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 14:40

contec Oil Mist Separators/Oil Mist Eliminators are equipped with a side channel blower that generates adjustable negative pressure in the oil systems. This prevents the leakage of oil mist from the bearings, shaft guide and crankshaft ventilation systems. As the filter elements have a long service life and an automatic oil recycling system, they require little maintenance.

The core of the contec Oil Mist Separators/Oil Mist Eliminators are the glass fiber filter elements developed especially for these applications. The two-layer design with integrated reinforcement fibers optimizes the coalescence effect and ensure a constantly high level of oil separation. The degree of efficiency is 99,98% at a droplet size of 0.1 micron, which means that the exhaust air is far cleaner than that required by German TA regulations of clean air.

For that reason contec Oil Mist Separators have been awarded with the Environmental Technology Prize for 1990. Due to their very compact design, contec Oil Mist Separators are also easy to use under all difficult or restricted spatial conditions.


Filtering, separation and regaining high-quality lubrication oil including all its additives
Avoiding oil leakage (at bearings etc.) by creating a permanent slight negative pressure in the lube oil system
High-efficiency filters prevent the emission of oil mist into the atmosphere
Protecting the environment by reducing oil mist emission down to < 3-8 mg/m³
High quality based on 25 years of experience and multiple well-tested and proven technology
Modular system allows a simple constructional adjustment to the respective application
Rapid and long-term supply of spare parts
Long service life and easy change of the filter elements
Automatic oil recycling system
Ex-protection on request


ATEX Certified The complete Contec Oil Mist Separator is certified in compliance with EC directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 100a) and can be operated in hazardous areas.
Modular Design Modular system allows a simple constructional adjustment to the respective application.
IP protection Drives Ex-pressure resistant, VIK, special voltages etc.
Maintenance Long service life and easy change of the filter elements.
Areas of Application Lube oil systems | Fluid grinding plants | Vacuum pumps | Spray pattern test bench | Rotating machines | Compressors | Large-scale compressors | Crankdrives | HE fluid grinding plants for diesel injection components
Capacity Flow rates from 8 Nm³/h to 1.200 Nm³/h.

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About contec

contec: clean solutions on demand. Expertise in the industrial filtration: Innovative systems and components in the fields of Air- and gasfilters, Oil mist separators, Liquid filters and Level measurement.

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