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Carjon-NRG Delivers Energy Innovation

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April 11 2024

Carjon-NRG provides technology deployment services to support oil, gas, and renewable energy operators and technology suppliers. Their services focus on facilitating the adoption and implementation of innovative technologies to address key industry challenges around safety, efficiency, emissions reduction, and cost management. Specific offerings include technology screening, roadmapping, health checks, commercial due diligence, market research, team building, business development, technical consultancy, exports/internationalization, and contracts/commercial consultancy. The company aims to connect operators with technology providers to identify solutions to operational issues. Carjon-NRG leverages expertise in technology evaluation, strategy, project management, and change management to drive successful deployment and maximize value. As the UK partner for, Carjon-NRG provides a platform for operators to share needs and suppliers to showcase innovations. Expert consultants also support technology deployment projects. Overall, Carjon-NRG's services bridge the gap between technology development and real-world implementation in energy industries.

Pros & Limitations
Helps realize potential of innovation and technology implementation
Supports energy transition journey
Brings value to clients, environment and communities
Aligns with energy security and net zero strategies
Connects operators with innovative technologies
Provides testimonials, track records and webinars
Connects operators and suppliers with experts
Supports technology company business growth
Quickly identifies and compares solutions for operators
Provides technology deployment insights and analytics
Current focus is on deployment of emerging & field proven Technology which limits our availability to support Clients on product development projects.
Our Expertise
Expertise Title Expertise Description
Technology Deployment Health Check
Assess technology deployment effectiveness in an organisation
Operators Technology Screening
Identify solutions for operator technology challenges
Technology Implementation Roadmap
Build a roadmap for effective technology implementation
Commercial Due Diligence
Assess all aspects of a company for potential investors/acquirers
Strategy Creation & Implementation
Create and implement a robust growth strategy
Detailed Market Research
Research addressable markets for a company\"s technology
Team Building
Build an effective team to implement a strategic plan
Business Development
Establish a sales pipeline to deliver business growth
Technical Consultancy
Support technology deployment in the field
Exports & Internationalisation
Identify export markets and localisation strategies


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Carjon-NRG is a technology deployment services company based in Aberdeen, UK. They help oil, gas, and renewable energy operators and technology suppliers realize the potential of innovation and technology implementation. Carjon-NRG provides services like technology screening, market research, business development, and exports/internationalization consultancy to support the energy industry. They partner with and created the UK Energy Technology Platform to connect operators with innovative technologies and experts to support deployment.

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