Mobile and Stationary Battery Systems

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Powering electrification by connecting generation and application

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August 4 2023

At SmartGrid, we design, develop, build and install (mobile) battery systems based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology from 120kWh and upwards. Our LFP battery systems can deliver more than 8000 cycles with 90% DoD.

Through modular product design, our technology can support all of your energy storage challenges, no matter the complexity. Choose from our container-based solutions, request a custom project or go mobile with a trailer battery.


Power locations with no or insufficient grid connection
Avoid curtailment
Safe and ethical Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry
Modular design
No emissions
Vehicle charging
More costly than polluting alternatives


Modular Multiple systems can be linked through AC and DC connections
Safe LFP chemistry does not ignite when exposed to extreme heat
Smart One system for all applications and comprehensive insight reports about energy in- and output and system status
Areas of Application Small constructions sites | EV roadside mobile charging | Film crew power support | Light system supply | Outdoor event locations

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At SmartGrid, we design, build and install clean energy storage systems (battery systems) with Lithium Iron Phosphate technology in house.
Safe storage, Scalable design, Smart insights. SmartGrid.

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