Micro Expansion Turbine System (mETS)

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Waste energy recovery to generate emission free power for off-grid operations

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August 4 2023

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) has developed a reliable, zero-emission, distributed, off-grid power generation solution for pipelines, facilities and gas distribution networks through smart, waste energy recovery.  RTT’s solution is a micro-Expansion Turbine System (mETS) that generates zero emission power for digital oilfield and pipeline initiatives through the recovery of excess gas pressure.  The mETS can be used at various locations within natural gas distribution networks, midstream operations, at onshore well heads, in conjunction with a gas lift system on remote unmanned offshore platforms, or anywhere else where gas pressure differential exists.

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies is the clean energy partner for oil & gas operators ready to leverage smart, waste energy recovery, to generate emission free power for remote operations.


Zero Emission
High Reliability
Smart Functionality
Small Footprint
Cost Effective
Early Stage


CO₂ Emission Reduction 60 tons/yr Of CO2 Combustion Emissions Eliminated vs TEG, Per Kilowatt Generated
Methane Reduction 75+ tons/yr Of CO2e Methane Emissions Reduction Enabled With Clean Power, Per Site
Cost Effective RTT turbines are low CAPEX & OPEX with opportunity to harvest clean energy.
Operating Conditions mETS is designed to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, even under the extreme conditions commonly found in remote environments
Reliable The high-quality, extreme condition resistant turbines require low maintenance (≥ 5years).
Modular The unique RTT mETS design offers a small footprint (≤ 1Cu Ft) and the ability to run multiple turbines in parallel offering scalable power on-demand.

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REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) offers reliable, zero-emission, distributed off-grid electricity for pipelines, facilities and gas distribution networks. Our clean energy solutions power mission-critical equipment in remote locations, such as SCADA, process control, remote telemetry (RTU), seismic equipment, remote measurement, valve control, injection pumps, and many other applications.

​RTT’s micro Expansion Turbine System (mETS) is a direct replacement for the combsution generators and solar arrays traditionally used to generate power for mission-critical equipment in remote locations.

Best of all, mETS turbines generate power without burning a single hydrocarbon, thereby saving profits and the environment!

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