LUMENION thermal energy storage

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Thermal energy storage systems for 100% renewable energy supply

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August 4 2023

With its innovative thermal energy storage systems, LUMENION makes a stable heat supply from renewable sources possible: by separating energy supply and demand, fluctuating wind power can be used effectively.

The basic idea of our power-to-heat technology is to shift the energy behind generation peaks out of the power grid and into the heating grid, thus serving as a relief valve for the power grid. This ensures system security, maximises the use of power plants, compensates for grid congestion and enables the decarbonisation of heat-powered processes.

TESCORE, our thermal energy storage system, can be charged in about four to six hours – for example, when electricity prices drop during off-peak periods. The storage core is then heated up to 600 degrees. Whenever energy is needed, the stored thermal energy is transferred to a heat exchanger. Depending on the energy demand, TESCORE is scalable in size between 0.2 MWh and 500 MWh.


Delivers CO2 free heat
Proven and reliable solution
Available off the shelf
Modular and customisable storage system
Simplicity of design
Limited temperature range between 120°C and 450°C


Energy Storage 0.2 MWh - 500 MWh
Temperature 120°C - 450°C
Efficiency 95%
Maintenance Low maintenance costs
Design Simple and efficient design
Low costs LCOS typically between €2-6cts/kWh
Recycling High residual value of steel core (40+ year life)

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LUMENION is a cleantech start-up from Berlin and an active contributor to the energy transition. We use an innovative technology to store green electricity as high-temperature heat in steel storage modules (TES). In this way, we make renewable energies available at any time of day or year and solve a central problem of decarbonisation: fluctuations and temporal interruptions of wind and solar power.

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