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The fastest alignment sheet tool in ArcGIS mapping software

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May 8 2023

LIGHTNING produces alignment sheets in Arc faster and easier than any tool before it. The intuitively designed interface guides the user through the step-by-step process and the powerful collection of tools makes LIGHTNING ideal for any phase of your project. Powerful features like Smart Tiles, Multiple Surfaces, and the Template Wizard extension equip users to do more work in less time.

LIGHTNING facilitates the complex job of managing materials, linear referencing and dealing with large amount of documentation throughout the life of a pipeline. 


Dramatically increase productivity
Works with any data in Arc
Process changes extremely quickly
Reduce the duplication of effort
All data is written to a project database for easy management
Does not work in AutoCAD


Compatibility Pipeline Open Data Spatial (PODS) & ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM) compatible.
Connectivity Write to project database for easy delivery. Saves everything to a style file for easy collaboration.
Customer Focus Multiple versions to meet specific needs.
Administration Time Exports sheets in seconds. Export to .mxd or spatial .pdf
Areas of Application Used in various project phases: new construction, as-built, integrity and operations
Adaptability Adaptable database for easy loading. Easily create a database that can load into other models.

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About Blue Sky Evolution

Our core technologies have been designed to unify the many companies involved in building and maintaining pipelines and telecom projects around the world.  Construction, maintenance and operational activities involve multiple teams within multiple companies that must all collaborate, create and make important choices for the safety of our environment and communities.  Our goal is to provide a means to this end by equipping pipeline and telecom companies with the technology needed for clear communication, maintaining information integrity and responsible decision-making at every point of a project’s life.

+1 (281) 980-9494
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