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ROV underwater Hull cleaning robot machine with cavitation discs

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October 31 2023

Langfeng Technologies Co., Ltd is committed to the research, design, development and industrial applications of intelligent underwater robots, deep-sea equipment, marine stereo observation networks, and various underwater environment unmanned detection equipment. Our research team consists of more than 40 people, including 25 Masters, 8 PhDs and 1 Professor.

We have participated in international robotics competitions many times and won the championship for two consecutive years in 2018 & 2019 Robosub (International Underwater Robot Competition).

In March 2022 we also attend the Oceanology international Exhibition with our ROV Hullcleaner and AUVs.



Cavitation flow jet instead brush, will not damage the ship’s expensive paint.
No divers need, Cleaning efficiency 1500 square / hour. Oprerational 24/7.
Using sea water as the cleaning medium, clean and environmentally friendly, No harmful chemicals.
With underwater positioning, one-key depth setting function, maxim depth can reach up to 150M.
Small size, wide cleaning area, high efficiency, high flexibility, stable performance, easy operation and easy maintenance.
No filters, if you need collection or filter system, please communicate with us.


Item LF ROV01
Dimensions 175(L)*115(W)*75(H)cm
Weight 370KG
Water pump Capacity 100L/min, 20MPa
Cleaning area 1500㎡/h
Camera 6 *1080 HD webcam in front and rear
Cable 150M/200M/300M zero buoyancy cable, equiped with Robot connector
Cleaning disc Cavitation jet instead of traditional brush head
Working area vessels operations cover 90% of the submerged area
Positioning capability 300m oblique distance,1% accuracy
Speed uo After hull cleaning by LF rov01, the speed of the ship will increase by 1knot.
Fuel saving A clean hull can reduce vessel fuel consumption by up to 40%.

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Langfeng technologies Company is mainly focused on ROV underwater Hull cleaning machine and Marine exploration and monitoring equipment, marine detection equipment, marine emergency operation equipment.

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