INVENIO CUI Wireless Sensors System

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Smart Sensor Network for CUI Condition Monitoring

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April 11 2024

INVENIO is a comprehensive hardware and software solution designed to monitor, analyze and predict the potential for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). It is based on the installation of a wireless sensor network (with no need to remove insulation) that enables data-driven CUI management based on real-time humidity measurements. The
combination of analyzed and processed data (i.e. machine learning algorithms), real-time data (typically 1 measurement per hour), and long battery lifetime (+10 years) make INVENIO a unique solution for long-term and high-scale deployment in industrial plants.

Pros & Limitations
Minimize HSE risk exposure - Reduce unnecessary scaffolding
Wireless Sensors System powered by batteries with long lifetime
Data driven CUI Prediction/monitoring
Data Driven RBI - Easy web-based Dashboard for data visualization and interface to customers' systems
Asset Extended life
Decrease maintenance and inspection costs (<35%)
No need to inspect/replace good insulation (around 50% of total insulation inspected)
Install by site maintenance crew - no addition POB
Not yet available in 5G (under development)
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Applications
Insulated pipelines, off-shore and on-shores installations
ATEX and IECEx Certified
Ex certification - ATEX and IECEx intrinsically safe, zone 0, gas group IIC, temp class T4
Battery Powered Wireless sensors
Long lifetime and no wire
Installation Cost
Small footprint, easy to deploy, no need to remove existing insulation and cladding, use of existing maintenance/inspection crews for installation.
Data Storage - Industrial IoT
Cloud based storage, analytics and data visualization
Cellular, Wi-Fi, ethernet, RS485
Data Coverage
High resolution 1 measurement/hour adjustable to detect, monitor and predict CUI using installed wireless sensors in insulated piping
Digital Twin
Dynamic CUI risk modelling and direct input to internal maintenance systems and digital twins
System manufcaturing
In House manufacturing


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Indusenz is founded and funded by Norwegian serial tech entrepreneurs with years of experience from relevant industries and similar sensor platform applications.

Indusenz develops and delivers wireless real-time sensors and data solutions for monitoring and prediction. Certified for explosion, hazardous environments, and industrial applications.


Our Value Proposition

The emerging real-time wireless data solution to monitor and predict CUI for immediate action.



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