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HIGIA Fever Detection

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Intelligent temperature measurement of people

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March 14 2023

HIGIA is SENSIA’s advanced solution for reliable fever detection based on thermal imaging. This solution has been developed as SENSIA’s response to the SARS COVID-19 worldwide health crisis to help to mitigate its impact by reducing the number of infections providing early detection possibilities.


High precision, accuracy and reliability in the measurement
User-Friendly Operation for non qualified operator
Low resources computer required
Completely integrated with the RedLook software so other functionalities are available
(Unattended) Automatically alerts of any danger and recovers event videos from alarms log
Reduced applicability after SARS COVID-19 crisis


Accuracy High precision (+/- 0.2 ºC) infrared camera based on a high sensitivity uncooled detector
Automation Automatic report generation to trace the control activities
Hands free operating Can be used in an autonomous way with no required human supervision
Machine learning Based on machine learning algorithms
Measurement Detect and alert the person who stands out from the rest by an abnormal body temperature
Monitoring Complete video monitoring system (VMS) for the visualization of images from thermal cameras in real time
Temperature Automatically detectand alert the person whose body temperature stands out from the rest

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About SENSIA Solutions S. L.

SENSIA is an infrared engineering company, born in 2008, which goal is to introduce effective and affordable infrared imaging technology in petrochemical, natural gas, oil & gas, chemical industries and others, for the environment, security and fugitive emissions control.

Infrared technology has a wide field of applications and SENSIA-Solutions has exploited this capability to own a differentiated product and service portfolio.

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