High efficiency, multi-fuel engine

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Decarbonising heavy-duty power with the world's most efficient, zero emission, multi fuel engine.

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August 11 2023

At the heart of our technology is the world's most efficient engine, achieving a game changing 70% break thermal efficiency. Conventional engine technology is between 20 - 35% efficient and the largest source of wasted energy comes from heat losses and the cooling system. As combustion temperatures often exceed what metal components can typically manage, cooling is required to keep metals from failing. This however results in considerable wasted energy with about 30% of the energy generated by the fuel wasted. We have pioneered the concept of a completely uncooled engine, using novel materials and engine design to eliminate any need for cooling systems, minimising all thermal losses and putting this energy back to work. By doubling engine performance, we can half fuel consumption and thus deliver huge fuel savings for our customers.

This technology we have designed from the group up to be completely fuel agnostic. Our engines are capable of operating on hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, bio-fuel, bio-gas, HVO and a wide range of other fuel types. This completely de-risks an operators decarbonising strategy and allows them to accelerate the process of reducing emissions. An operator can start using our engines immediately operating on diesel, halving emissions and accruing significant cost savings. They can then transition to net zero fuels such as hydrogen, methanol or bio-fuels when the fuel infrastructure is available. 


Hydrogen Ready technology
50% reduced fuel consumption
Flexible fuel approach
Reduce total cost of ownership 30%
Higher engine unit cost


Engine Power output 50kW
Fuel Types Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol, Bio-Fuel, Bio-Gas, HVO, Diesel
Applications HGV, Maritime, Auxiliary Power, Off-Grid Power, Generator Sets

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Carnot Engines is a UK technology start-up focused on decarbonising heavy-duty power. Our company was founded by 3 engineers who working on previous decarbonising projects, realised batteries and fuel cells alone were not going to be capable of decarbonising heavy-duty applications. Engines were an essential components to deliver power needs and yet current combustion engine technology was incapable of delivering what was required. They were too inefficient, dependent on fossil fuels and incapable of effectively updating to future Net Zero needs. Carnot then set out to deliver the next seismic leap in engine technology 

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