Fusion - Bonded Alloy Barriers

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The most technically advanced, metallurgically bonded-alloy barriers on the market

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April 11 2024

isol8’s range of Fusion products are the most technically advanced, metallurgically bonded-alloy barriers on the market. They represent a step change in downhole sealing performance with the highest shear-bond strength, greatest radial expansion capability and longest life-expectancy.

They can be deployed on slickline, electric wireline, coiled tubing or pipe. The single trip design has an integral retainer to deliver the highest level of barrier assurance and eliminates ratty alloy.

Pros & Limitations
Engineered for safety, integrity, strength, quality and reliability
isol8 uniquely creates a metallurgical bond between the alloy barrier and the steel tubing/casing
Thermite can flow to fill the wellbore to generate greater radial heat when required
Specification Title Specification Description
Utilises a range of different proprietary engineered thermite recipes to provide exothermic heat downhole.
Provides >5 times the shear bond strength compared with unbonded bismuth alloys.
isol8's deployment toolstring is API RP-67 compliant, incorporating a pressure/temperature module to ensure safe initiation of the thermite reaction.
Permanent plugs in tubing sizes from 4” to 7-⅝”. | Annulus barriers in sizes ranging from 4-½” x 9-⅝” to 7” x 9-⅝”.


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isol8 is the emerging market leader in zero emission seals, providing the highest integrity wellbore barriers for every stage of the well lifecycle.

isol8’s vision is to set the new global standard in zero emission wellbore isolation products to maximise client value and radically reduce costs.

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