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Streamline and accelerate your UK regulatory reporting process with Flare's MiNDR

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February 22 2024

Flare MiNDR is search, tagging and compliance tool and workflow that allows operators to streamline the way in which they find information and assign C-Tags prior to submission to the UK National Data Repository (NDR) to meet regulatory requirements.

The tool has three essential elements: Search, Tagging and Compliance Monitoring.

Search: a search interface that can span your data landscape, enabling users to undertake single searches across multiple file shares, SharePoint sites, physical data listings and a host of other applications. Searches are all free text based, for example, searches can be based on well names, specific classification tags (C-Tags), other terms or combinations.

Tagging: data items and reports that have been located via the search may be added to a ‘basket’ where C-Tags are automatically suggested. The suggested tags are based on metadata such as file names and file paths, plus scraped content from within the files themselves. Once C-tags are suggested, the user has the option to accept or decline them before submitting the data to the NDR.

Compliance Monitoring: compliance can be measured at the well, field and company level and provides greater understanding of completeness, missing data types and gaps in C-Tag coverage.

Pros & Limitations
Compliance monitoring, by field and well, on interactive dashboards
A single interface for Information Discovery across multiple stores supported by Intelligent Search
Tag new content with ease
Retag existing reported content with correct tags
Simplify the submission process to the NDR
Automatically track current state of content submitted to NDR
Improve regulatory reporting
The process cannot currently be fully automated
Specification Title Specification Description
Built on Flare Sirus to enable Information Discovery through Intelligent Search.
Flare’s Sirus Insight Engine delivers Intelligent Search to business by integrating Artificial Intelligence with conventional enterprise search capabilities. Sirus is used by multiple organizations to improve information management. Sirus understands t
Integrated with the NDR API to monitor current compliance status.
The current status of company compliance is automatically updated by MiNDR which is integrated with the NSTA NDR API.
Customizable dashboard to visualize compliance and perform contextual search.
Dashboards perform multiple functions including monitoring the current status, launching searches for missing information and updating status such as ‘not available.’
Integration with multiple repositories to support single search.
The Sirus framework includes adaptors to network file shares, multiple document management systems and SharePoint to make it easier to find the relevant information within a single search environment.
Leverages Flare's Taxonomies and client Master Data throughout the process.
Sirus uses knowledge bases and taxonomies to understand technical language and improve search precision, recall and ranking in a technical environment.
Deployed on GraphDB for scale and performance.
Sirus uses a knowledge graph to deliver unparalleled scale and performance.


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Flare was founded in 1998 to address the needs of the global oil and gas industry. We operate as a virtual team with staff based in UK, USA and Canada. Our focus is Intelligent Search and Information Management and we offer a range of consulting, service and software solutions. Flare’s organizational aim and approach is to attract the best people to our business, earn the confidence of our clients and act as trusted advisors and proficient deliverers of effective Information Management solutions.

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