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100% zero-emission tractor

Page last modified
March 14 2023

EOX175 is the first 100% electric tractor for professional users. With its 175HP it can do all work on farms and other off-road plots. With 4 electric wheel motors it is very strong. With 4 big steered wheels it turns even a pirouette. Power is provided as you wish: by diesel-hybrid, battery or hydrogen.


easy and strong 100% electric drive train
easy driving and working, comfortable cabin
3 energy solutions: diesel-hybrid, full-batteries, hydrogen
lower total cost of ownership
Only serviced in Europe at this moment
delivery time 6 months


Zero-emision tractor EOX175 is a 175 HP tractor for all farm and off road work, but clean
100% Electric 4 electric motors (4 * 22/44kW) with in total 175 eHP (electric Horse Power)
Battery 60 kWh battery as buffer and peakshave
Unique variable track width Adjustable track 2.25 to 3.20m (on-the-fly)
Super tight turning radius With 4W steering only 9.60m turning circle
Complete hydraulics Full hydraulics with 210 Bar and 100L/min

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About H2Trac

Developer of The eox -175 For Farmers, the soil is their best friend. A gift to be nurtured. That's our belief too, and that's why we help farmers with new innovative ways to keep te soil healthy and maximize yield at the same time.

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