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Workforce management software suite

Page last modified
March 14 2023

Entrespie serves construction in two main areas:

  • Worktime control - Entrespie collects hours, work blockages, broke or damaged equipment and GPS location to supply management with a top level reporting tool. No permanent Internet connection required!
  • Access control - 24/7 access control for any work camp gate and inner facilities like catering, clinics, training attendance or meeting rooms. Entrespie will inform who, when and where.

To achieve we collect information from devices widely available like smartphones and IP cameras to use as project data and to serve wherever needed. A HR base will assure that we started in the right department.

Entrespie have been created by a crew of experienced pipeline construction administrators that joined with top level IT developers to build a strong solution. Being there is easier to understand how to do it!


electronic time attendance and access control system
Prepared for harsh environments and remote places
real time advanced reporting
multimedia - Pictures, video, pdf, GPS
Multi location with unskilled personnel location control
multi gate and inner facilities control
Not cloud based


ID Control NFC badge system allows to identify manpower and machinery
Electronic Payroll From workforce time collection to payment, all electronic, accurate, complaint and on-time
Access Control IP Cameras will allow security to identify fraud attempts. NFC security avoid badge duplication.
Synchronization tasks Complex synchronization functions allow us to run our software in a location even if internet connection down for some days
SMS notifications To avoid Internet connection issues, notifications sent by email can also be sent by SMS. Includes new guest arrival to a location, new crew members, machinery brokedown and blockage occurrance,

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About Entrespie Unip lda

Entrespie is a Portuguese software house created by pipeline experienced administrators to supply pipeline construction with a money saving tool to manage workforce work time and facilities access control.

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