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Battery and Heat Pump combined in one device

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April 11 2024

We developed a sustainable energy storage system that combines battery and heat pump in one device: Electricity storage is combined with heating and cooling based on a patented compressed air technology. Distributed applications in commercial buildings and industrial sites promise payback times of 3-7 years. The system uses only air and water and has a lifetime of 20 years. It brings economical and ecological benefits compared to battery storage systems.

Pros & Limitations
Eco-friendly: Uses only air and Water and is therefore 100% recyclable
Payback time: 3 - 7 years for applications in large buildings and industrial sites
Durable: More than 50'000 cycles - Lifetime >20 years
Scalable: Modular approach
Specification Title Specification Description
Electricity Storage
During compression of air, electricity is stored in form of compressed air at 300 bar.
Heat Generation
During compression of air, heat is generated and can be used for heating and warm water.
Cold Generating
During expansion of air, cold is generated and can be used for cooling.


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At Green-Y Energy AG, we are convinced that sustainability and profitability must be combined in order to successfully implement the energy transition. As a technology provider, we see technological innovation as a fundamental building block for a sustainable future. With our focus on the development of innovative energy storage systems and compressors, we are making our contribution to the energy transition.

The project Green-Y is developed by Green-Y Energy AG. Our patented technology is running in a pilot-system. In August 2020 we closed a 825’000 CHF seed funding round and secured the first customers and commercial traction. In November 2021 we secured a 2'000'000 CHF Series-A finance round with Schweizer Kapital Global Impact Fund AG, a pioneering Impact Fund, founded early 2018 by Umut Ertan. Now we are looking for project opportunities, strategic partners to push the market entry and new team members to diversify the team.

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