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Driller’s Way-point Depth Determination

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Calibrated and corrected drill pipe measured along-hole depth with uncertainty

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May 19 2023

Driller’s Way-point Depth (DwpD) uses drill pipe measured depth to arrive at a calibrated and corrected along-hole depth with an associated uncertainty. This is True Along-hole (TAH) depth, an ISO measurement as opposed to the estimate that existing practices provide. DwpD allows along-hole depth measurement to be compared and verified and does away with simply tying-in to an arbitrary maxim. This improves along-hole depth measurement accuracy, improving well placement and the reliability of mapping of downhole structures and reservoir volumes.


Uniform methodology for along-hole depth determination
Uniformly calibrated and corrected depth value
Calculated uncertainty based on measured parameters
Removes the guess work and the assumptions in depth determination
Assessment of depth data value based on measurable accuracy criterion
Verification of measurements without wasting data
Repeatable measurements
Non-intrusive activity as part of rig activity
Uses well known and existing rig and LWD measurements
Slight (very slight) adaptation to how things are currently done


Accuracy Uncertainty defined by accuracy decisions.
Areas of Application Well placement engineering | Geological modelling | Reservoir description | Asset value determination
Capabilities Repeatability of measurement, confirmation of measurement result and uncertainty determination.
CAPEX Negligible impact on rig work flow.
Certifications / licences Engineering justified depth measurement results.
Compliance ISO measurement.
Cost Cost limited to use of the patent (pending) process. Allows accurate depth determination using drill pipe for MWD/LWD applications.
Methodology Logical and justified measurement and correction method.
Services Services available to audit exiting processes and recommend on-site improvements.
Usability Applicable from new drill through completion to recompletion and P&A Onshore/offshore, applicable in straight, crooked, deviated, S-profile and horizontal wells.

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About Depth Solutions

Depth Solutions (DwpD Ltd.) is a consulting engineering company offering expertise in the establishment of accuracy requirements, depth measurement methods, depth correction modelling and calculation, depth measurement uncertainty calculation, TAH depth definition, depth data QA/QC, measurement requirements (process and results audit), measured depth difference reconciliation, training and coaching services. It is holder of the DwpD patent (pending) for drill pipe depth measurement.

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