Cumulus Quality Management System (QMS)

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Optimize quality assurance for your facility and track real-time work progress with our award-winning QMS

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April 16 2024

Rework is killing project margins, representing a staggering 12% of total project costs. Cumulus QMS makes it easy to eliminate tedious paperwork and costly mistakes. From bolted joints and pressure testing to solar panel installations and tank car maintenance, the Cumulus QMS digitize any work procedure in just a few clicks.

Cumulus empowers users with a single pane view of exactly what is happening in the field, in real time. With our QMS, you’ll always know who did the work, when they did it, and—most importantly—if it was done correctly. All on one dashboard.

How It Works

1. Digitize Work Procedures. Convert existing standard operating procedures into digital workflows within seconds. Cumulus Pro can also create a new procedure for you based on large datasets of industry best practices, or translate workflows into any language.

2. Connect Your Workforce. Share workflows with colleagues, who can immediately start using your workflows in the field via any mobile or tablet device to ensure process adherence. Each workflow automatically requires quality data to ensure process adherence.

3. Confirm Work Quality. Validate work quality and progress via Cumulus Pro’s traceable history of work activities. It automatically generates comprehensive work completion reports on who did the work, when they did it, and most importantly, if it was done correctly.

Product Features

  • Compatible with Bluetooth tools: Connect with Bluetooth tools, such as torque wrenches and pressure gauges, to capture granular quality data
  • Worker-Oriented Mobile App: Intuitive access to essential work information, interactive tools, and data entry features
  • Powerful AI-Assisted Workflow Builder: Streamline process management for any work activity, from inspections to installations. 
  • Exportable Work Completion History: Record a detailed history of all completed work for documentation and analysis purposes. 
  • PDF Drawings in the Field Mobile App: Access PDF drawings directly on the mobile app for easier reference and implementation. 
  • Project Analytics Dashboard: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) like productivity, quality, and safety in real-time.

Prevent rework and upskill your workforce with the Cumulus Quality Management System. 

Pros & Limitations
Cumulus QMS is very versatile and can be used to manage quality for any type of manual work activity, including bolted joints, hydrostatic pressure testing, welding inspections, etc.
The technology was built to be used in offline environments, so workers can use our field-app even without any type of connectivity. They simply sync their work data at the end of their shift.
It was built to improve work quality, so it isn't typically used for project management or preconstruction work.
Specification Title Specification Description
Smart Tool Connectivity
Connect with compatible Bluetooth-enabled wrenches, such as Snap-on and Hytorc, to verify proper manual torquing. Works with Wika and Additel hydraulic pressure gauges to verify proper hydraulic torquing, tensioning and pressure testing. Works with Hytorc electric torque devices.
Works In Offline Environments
Work with or without wireless connectivity in the field
Single Sign On (SSO)
Single-sign-on integration with your company's identity provider, SOC 2 Type 2 Report Available
iOS and Android Compatible
Field-ready application can work on both iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices


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Cumulus Digital Systems is a connected worker platform that digitizes mission-critical construction and maintenance activities to ensure that work is done right the first time, every time. By integrating sensors, digital tools, and other IoT devices, our connected worker platform improves the productivity and quality of safety-critical workflows, such as bolt tightening, welding, and pressure testing. To date, Cumulus has been used to manage over 7,000,0000 work completions across industries such as energy, construction, manufacturing, semiconductors, data centers, transportation, chemicals, renewables, and more. In addition to improving safety and sustainability, our technology also has been proven to reduce costs for quality control and data review by over 60%. 

Cumulus is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with additional offices in Houston, Texas, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and serves customers across the globe.

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