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Global Competency Assurance

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April 11 2024

Competas is a pioneering competency assessment and management system, constructed to mitigate risks, improve safety, and cultivate a culture of excellence in the energy industry. 

Our integrated platform combines a thorough competency assessment tool, dynamic team management systems, and an insightful psychometric evaluation that measures both 'will' and 'skill.'

This unique approach goes beyond just gauging technical proficiency, also revealing individual motivations and potential. Competas is designed to enable organisations to find the right person for the right task in minutes, not hours, significantly boosting productivity and efficiency. In adherence with industry standards, our platform helps companies to pinpoint areas of improvement and highlighting individual strengths, thereby reducing risks and optimising training budgets. With Competas, we provide the tools necessary for both organisations and individuals to bridge the skills gap and propel their career advancements.

By creating a competent, agile workforce ready to power the future, Competas aims to aid the next generation in conquering the talent crisis within the energy industry.

Legal Disclaimer: The business model of Competas involves serving as an indirect resource to companies such as BP, Fluor, Centrica, among others. These companies, listed in our deployments, may not be direct clients of Competas nor have formal relationships with us. However, they have been served indirectly through manpower agencies utilising Competas' competency assessment and talent management solutions as a competency screening tool.

Pros & Limitations
Efficient Talent Management: Competas streamlines the process of identifying the right person for the right task, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the workplace. It supports organisations in navigating the talent-crisis with ease.
Risk Mitigation and Safety Enhancement: By evaluating the competency of individuals, Competas helps organisations to mitigate risks, improve safety, and cultivate a culture of excellence.
Comprehensive Assessments: Competas offers competency assessments and psychometric evaluations, unearthing not just skill levels but also individual motivations and potential. This holistic approach provides a thorough understanding of a candidate's suita
Connecting Talent with Opportunity: Competas acts as a bridge between newly graduated talent and leading energy companies, providing candidates with valuable exposure and opportunities for their career progression.
Data-Driven Decision Making: Competas leverages AI and data analytics to provide organisations with actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making in talent acquisition and team management.
Renewables: Our offshore wind module is not yet out of QA, but we are expanding rapidly.
Dependency on User Input: Competas out of the box will only contain candidates from our global talent pool. In order to maximise relevancy in your organisation, personnel/potential hires will need to sit the assessment (albeit remotely, in under 3 hours)
Specification Title Specification Description
Competency Management System
A Competency Management System (CMS) is a strategic tool or platform used by organisations to define, measure, and manage the skills, knowledge, and abilities (collectively referred to as competencies) of their workforce.
Talent Management System
A type of HR technology designed to manage and optimize the entire employee lifecycle within an organization. A TMS focuses on areas such as recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, succession planning, and retention.
Psychometric Evaluation
These evaluations are designed to quantify a person's suitability for a role based on their personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities).
Technical Assessment
A systematic evaluation process where individuals' knowledge and skills in specific technical areas are measured.
Competence Assessment
The ability to rapidly assess whether a candidate is competent to perform the required task.


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Empower talent, energise teams
Harness the power of Competas' advanced competency assessments and team management systems to mitigate risks, improve safety, and cultivate a culture of excellence in the energy industry.

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