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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) you can trust, with ease.

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August 14 2023

Centerpoint is an 'out-of-the-box' and easy to use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Operations teams. It automates core business processes to improve efficiency, protect the business, scale for growth, and create a single truth of business operations.  

ERP systems are essentially a type of software that helps businesses manage their day-to-day core processes. Everything you need to run your company can be managed in one integrated system. This includes, but is not limited to, Human Resources, logistics, asset management and more.

Centerpoint is made-up of eight modules, giving structure to all business processes, setting clear expectations and aligning seamlessly with corporate procedures. The eight modules are as follows:

Operations: Our operations module allows you to manage contacts, sales and support in one centralised platform. 

Purchasing: Our purchasing module simplifies and automates procurement processes, improves supplier management and increases cost savings for your organisation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Manage contacts, sales and support in one centralised platform.

Asset Management: Effortlessly track, maintain and optimise the value of your organisation's physical and digital assets.

Logistics: Optimise your supply chain, improves efficiency and increases visibility for your organisation.

Human Resources (HR): Simplify the management of personnel and allows you to track the location of your employees while they are traveling using built-in mapping functions.

Maintenance: Streamline your organisation's maintenance processes and ensure optimal performance of your assets.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE): Our all-in-one QHSE management module helps your organisation achieve compliance, improve safety and protect the environment.

Centerpoint is a proud member of the STC INSISO family alongside COMET, our audit, investigation and assurance product.

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No expensive hidden modules, from the outset everything is included.
We help with onboarding and masterclass training is provided.
Fully hosted and supported SAAS pricing.
Can be implemented in days not months.
Designed for further API integration and connectivity.
Data can be imported from Excel.
All your important data can be accessed in one place, at one time.


Cloud-based Application Access from anywhere and enhance collaboration across your organisation.
Asset Management Effortlessly track, maintain and optimise your physical and digital assets.
Training User manual and videos available for those being onboarded onto the platform.
Usability Modules interlink with each other i.e. Maintenance & Asset Management, CRM & Operations, Operations & Logistics.
Areas of Application Variety of industries that transports equipment or deploys people including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Ports & Marine.

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COMET is a technology-enabled root cause analysis tool. Its structured approach empowers organisations to adopt a structured methodology for investigation and assurance, allowing them to identify and resolve the underlying causes of failure.

This innovative software solution that specialises in addressing systemic issues that may trigger incidents and hinder overall performance, providing a robust foundation for sustained success. The user-friendly interface of Comet allows for seamless configuration, streamlining root cause learning and maximising the utilisation of time and resources for users.

COMET embraces cutting-edge solutions like Artificial Intelligence and Learning Teams, taking the traditional investigation process to a whole new level. This modern and progressive tool extends its applicability to everyday work scenarios by going beyond conventional practices, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth within organisations.

The COMET family proudly offers a suite of specialised products to cater to diverse organisational needs, from Incident Investigation, Audits, Inspections, Assurance, and Reliability to Resilience and Intelligent Insights.


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